The avocado... It's not just for guacamole anymore

Store produce sections are stocked with ripe avocados. Try a new twist on the misunderstood fruit

Avocado and Tuna Tapas

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Trends you may see when dining out

Restaurants are thriving once again. Restaurant-goers in Northwest Arkansas have renewed interest in socializing away from home and more money to spend, a stark turnaround from preceding years when diners were living on tighter budgets thanks to a recession that began in 2008.

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Summer sweets

Pick up some fresh strawberries for these sweet treats

Spinach and Strawberry Salad

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Boars Nest... far more than a sports bar

Rogers sports bar, grill and barbeque restaurant serving up wide variety of food and beverage

During the last nine months, John Hudec and his wife and co-owner, Heather, have focused a lot of attention on the Rogers location of Boars Nest Bar, Grill and Barbeque. It is their passion.

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Get that grill goin'

Special to NWA Democrat-Gazette

Backyard barbecue enthusiasts in Northwest Arkansas and around the region typically prefer the taste of grilled foods over meals prepared in other ways. Much of that devotion to grilled foods can be traced to the unique flavor open flames impart to meat, poultry and fish.

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Barbecue comes in many flavors

No matter how you spell it… barbeque, barbecue or BBQ… it’s a delicious treat

Barbeque Chicken Grilled Pizza

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BBQ Fever Sweeping Branson

Four friends combine efforts to open Gettin’ Basted, Branson’s premier BBQ restaurant

When Brad Leighniger got bitten by the competition BBQ bug, his infectious enthusiasm for smoked meat quickly spread. Before long, several of his friends had BBQ fever and the rest is BBQ history. "All of us have a passion for eating, cooking and creating," Tammy Roberts said. "Brad wanted to do something fun with his family. It ended up being competition BBQ. He took a standard smoker and went to his first competition. He cleaned house. Brad said let's take the Gettin' Basted competition team's name and open a BBQ restaurant."

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Prime rib or Fresh Catch?

Family owned restaurant on Sugar Creek set for summer

Pam Bone is ready for summer.

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Farm fresh

Area farmers markets ready to set your table with fresh fruits, veggies

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips

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Sample some seafood

Bait your tastebuds with these simple seafood recipes

Seafood Creole

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