Washington County child support ruling reversed

FAYETTEVILLE -- The Arkansas Supreme Court in a split decision Thursday reversed a Washington County Circuit Court judge and the state Court of Appeals on a 2014 child support ruling.

The high court said Judge Mark Lindsay erred in reducing Ronald Troutman's monthly child support to his ex-wife, Marilyn Curry Troutman, and making the change retroactive. The ruling was upheld by the Arkansas Court of Appeals.

On appeal to the Supreme Court, Curry Troutman argued the lower court erred in determining Troutman proved there had been a material change of circumstances regarding his income and in calculating Troutman's income for the purposes of child support.

Justices agreed Troutman failed to prove a change of circumstances, but didn't address the child support calculation. The case was reversed and dismissed.

In her appeal to the Supreme Court, Curry Troutman argued the Appeals Court didn't follow its precedent regarding the treatment of earnings from a closely held corporation when it upheld Lindsay's ruling.

At issue was whether cash reserve Troutman had access to as the sole shareholder of his company, Boulder Construction, should have been be used to calculate his child support amount.

NW News on 04/21/2017

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