New parking tip line unveiled

A new website and phone number unveiled Friday will let people in Arkansas report when they believe vehicles are illegally taking parking spaces marked as reserved for those with disabilities.

A new law allowed for the creation of "a mechanism for a person to report the suspected misuse of a disabled license plate, disabled placard, or a disabled parking space," the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration said in a statement.

On the website, portal.dfa.arkansas.gov/MisuseParking, users can describe the vehicle in question, list the location and upload a photo. The tips also can be called in to (866) 667-2755.

The statement said the data through the program "will be collected to further the cause in advocating Arkansas Laws, educating those with parking privileges and those that continue to violate the rights of Arkansans with disabilities."

Scott Hardin, a spokesman for the Department of Finance and Administration, said information received through the website and number would first be forwarded on to law enforcement officials in the area in question. Authorities then will decide if a ticket should be issued.

The state also will send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle listed on the tip if records show the vehicle is not licensed for parking in the space.

NW News on 08/12/2017

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