War by tweet

How to shoot yourself in the foot

There was a time when a president confronted his critics in the open, personally. But now the country is witnessing a face-off between a free-wheeling, wild shooting chief executive and his own advisers, who keep begging him to stop and think before hitting the SEND button. They have a good point, but His Tweetership Donald J. Trump doesn't seem to be listening. He just goes on firing away, often enough in the middle of the night or before daylight in the morning. Wiser heads in his own party are doing their best to restrain him, but to no avail.

No, you don't have to be crazy to be a fan of this president's, but it helps. Gentle reader might think that these are great times to be a Democrat with a ringside seat at the GOP's intramural feuds. But it can't be all that much fun to watch the Democrats, either, and their discomfort at the news that Robert Mueller's team of investigators isn't approaching this latest attempt to get the president with clean hands. Now it turns out that a high-ranking agent with the FBI was taken off this case when his pro-Clinton bias became too obvious to ignore any longer. In short, there's more than enough bipartisan embarrassment to go around at the moment.

More is doubtless to come in as this at least thrice-told tale continued to unfurl like a Möbius strip continuing to double back on itself. In short it's all politics as usual in Washington, capital of the land of the free and home of the brave, however confused and confusing its politics. Simple dictatorship would be so much easier to follow, but a lot less predictable. So hold on to your hats, fellow Americans. Washington has only begun to muddle through its latest crisis. Indeed, maybe it's the absence of any real crisis that is the most assuring thing about the latest headlines, however overblown. Wake us when it's over.

Editorial on 12/06/2017

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