Carriers for the newspaper deserve words of thanks

As we recently gave thanks, we thought of and were thankful for our newspaper carriers. Instead of complaining if our paper is an hour late, how about complimenting the good service we get?

Our carrier in Bella Vista, Rick English, goes above and beyond each day by getting out of his vehicle and delivering newspapers to the doorstep of each customer. He is so conscientious and caring in his work. We must also keep in mind if our paper is late, it is not always the fault of our carrier. They are such hard-working people. Another carrier we spoke to has another full-time job and goes to school in addition to delivering papers each day.

Thank you, Rick English, and all of the other Democrat-Gazette newspaper carriers. You are the best.

Carla and Ralph Bock

Bella Vista

Editorial on 12/07/2017

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