Springdale’s Williams to seek re-election to state House


SPRINGDALE — Rep. Jeff Williams, R-Springdale, has announced through social media that he plans to seek a second term.

Williams represents House District 89 in central Springdale. He was unopposed in his last GOP primary and defeated Democrat Irvin Camacho in the 2016 general election. He has no announced opposition.

He is a former Washington County assessor. He also was an alderman on the Springdale City Council. He is the owner of Williams and Associates Property Tax Management in Springdale. He is also a U.S. Army veteran and, as a member of the Army Reserve, served two combat tours in the Middle East.

Williams was the leading House sponsor of successful efforts to get ArKids First state-administered health care coverage for the state’s Marshallese children. Marshall Islanders are allowed to immigrate legally to the United States, but are not eligible for the Medicaid-based program unless the state allows it. Williams and Sen. Lance Eads, also R-Springdale, convinced the governor to participate and passed legislation enabling the coverage.

Williams also authored and heralded through a bill that allows domestic abuse victims to keep their cellular phone without having to remain on the abuser’s phone contract. Victim advocates and cellular service providers cheered the bill as a practical and effective measure that allows victims to keep their personal records while frustrating attempts to track and harass them.

His legislative priorities include relieving the tax and regulatory burden on businesses and improving access to higher education, according to his statement announcing his re-election bid.

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