Super Quiz: The early history of Portugal

  1. These people controlled most of Portugal from the 8th to 11th centuries.

  2. What was the Reconquista?

  3. This prince (1394-1460) was noted for organizing voyages of discovery.

  4. In 1488, this man rounded the southern point of Africa.

  5. In 1497-98, this explorer rounded the Cape of Good Hope and reached India.

  6. One of this man's ships was first to circumnavigate the globe (1522).

  7. The Spanish Inquisition (15th to 17th centuries) expelled many people of this religion.

  8. The pope's Line of Demarcation granted most of this country to Portugal.

  9. In 1755, a large part of this city was destroyed by an earthquake.


  1. Moors (Muslims)

  2. The Christian reconquering of Portugal (and Spain)

  3. Prince Henry the Navigator

  4. Bartholomew Diaz

  5. Vasco da Gama

  6. Ferdinand Magellan

  7. Judaism

  8. Brazil

  9. Lisbon

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