Washington County Marriage Licenses

June 29

James Dakota Funderburg, 30, and Casey Nicole Tyree, 30, both of Fayetteville

James Cale Gillespie, 28, and Victoria Nicole Hohrman, 24, both of Tahlequah, Okla.

Luke Anderson Medley, 24, and Chaney McCall Hughes, 24, both of Springdale

Garrett Alan Morgan, 22, and Amber Marie Akehurst, 21, both of Bentonville

Carlos Salvador Munoz-Flores, 30, and Alejandra Yaneth Castro Baires, 22, both of Rogers

Catherine Mary Rievert, 26, and Charis Joy Lykins, 27, both of Fayetteville

Reese Alexander Smith, 21, Lowell, and Taylor Anne Mays, 20, Springdale

June 30

Frank Edward Babcock, 37, and Danielle Rae Miller, 35, both of Springdale

Evan Antony Batres, 21, Rogers, and Ashley Marie Stover, 19, Siloam Springs

Jarrod Bryan Cooper, 36, and Amanda Nichole Hice, 32, both of Elkins

Ryan John Gulbranson, 22, and Ashlyn Dianne Bockstanz, 22, both of Fayetteville

Billy Joe Jones, 23, and Jamie Warren Poole, 22, both of Fayetteville

Caleb Bryan Kobosh, 28, and Casey Loren Mutters, 24, both of New York

Jeremiah Lee McLarty, 26, and Jacqueline Marie Mair, 42, both of Fayetteville

Luke Mischker, 22, Melbourne, VIC, and Sarah Catherine Gauldin, 21, Prairie Grove

Chase Jordan Morris, 25, and Rhea Marie Ashworth, 23, both of Pettigrew

Daniel Lee Mullen, 34, Delaney, and Deidre Anne Watson, 24, Witter

Trace Colton Sawyer, 18, and Seba Leana Louise Lyn Keck, 18, both of Lincoln

Kenneth LaFayne Shireman, 77, Fayetteville, and Celia Severa Boon, 74, Bentonville

Samuel Milton Stover, 21, and Morgan Nichole Gass, 19, both of West Fork

Michael Anthony Tapp, 56, and Pamela Elizabeth Goad, 48, both of Prue, Okla.

Seth Garrett Towery, 19, Joplin, Mo., and Courtney Adelle Stinnett, 19, Springdale

Chas David Turner, 20, and Samantha Jean Tartaglia, 18, both of Fayetteville

Isaac Jordan Waterhouse, 24, and Merikka Raeanne Crespin, 25, both of Springdale

Mitchel Graham Wegener, 28, Houston, Texas, and Jenna Rose Volmer, 28, Fayetteville

July 3

Christopher Aaron Baker, 42, and Pollawat Korma, 26, both of Springdale

Brandon Frederick Boyer, 28, Springdale, and Amanda Jo Rochester, 33, Lowell

Matthew Laten Ferren, 26, and Sydney Kathryn Blake, 25, both of Fayetteville

Jason Nicholas Grigg, 24, and April Marie Brockelsby, 30, both of Combs

Keel Jieta, 20, and Diane Susan Edgar, 19, both of Springdale

Clinton Dewayne Lewis, 25, Springdale, and Paige Elaine Cifers, 21, Lowell

Kaushik Luthra, 25, and Akshita Mishra, 24, both of Fayetteville

Henry Mowat, 58, and Virginia Kay Norris, 44, both of Fontana, Kan.

Lionel Nouketcheussi Dzuguem, 25, and Kilisha Lorell Garrett, 23, both of Fayetteville

Jason Stewart Rutledge, 37, and Kelsia Renae Vanderpool, 24, both of Fayetteville

Donald Glenn Williams II, 52, and Beverly Jean Burr, 53, both of Springdale

July 5

Kevin Eugene Barron, 43, and Melinda Kay Carnahan, 49, both of Springdale

Suki K. Dancer, 57, and Jean Marie Benedetto, 47, both of Fayetteville

Curtis Clinton Gober Jr., 60, and Sandra Colleen Waters, 56, both of Farmington

Miguel Alejandro Gomez-Luna, 20, and Ashley Nichole Alaniz, 19, both of Springdale

Gerald Wayne Hudson, 43, and Jennifer Amber Weide, 32, both of Fayetteville

Robert Alan Hudson, 60, and Airen Degoma Barrios, 38, both of Fayetteville

Brian Ty Longdon-Williams, 23, and Melissa Ann England, 24, both of Wesley

Bradley James Lueckenhoff, 21, and Brittany Danielle Mareth, 24, both of Potosi, Mo.

Thomas Reede McCandless, 19, and Marion Bailey Stafford, 18, both of Fayetteville

Gilbert Dale Miller, 52, and Cynthia Katherene Louise Prasse, 46, both of Fayetteville

NW News on 07/17/2017

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