Look, a solution

Now if we could find a problem …

You knew the Arkansas Legislature was in session, right?

How could you miss it? And some don't. Word came from the Capitol Wednesday that during the debate over the (sigh) bathroom bill, the crowd watching the action in committee either applauded or laughed at the speakers, depending on whether the speaker was making sense or being unintentionally funny. The sponsor of the bill, state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, complained they were out of order.

Hard to blame the crowd. When the Ledge is in session, sometimes it's better to laugh than cry.

Somebody is going to have to explain why this state needs all the problems that North Carolina had when the tarheel folks decided that they needed a bathroom bill. Has there been a story in the papers about all the transgender folks trying to get into the girls' locker room at Local Neighborhood High School here in Arkansas? If that's been reported, we've missed it.

But some lawmakers apparently feel that it's their duty to get re-elected. Therefore they need to show the folks back home that they, too, are willing to sacrifice. That is, sacrifice some of Arkansas' economy to the altar of public attention.

How's a legislator supposed to get publicity if all he or she is concerned with is taxes, voter ID, health care and medical marijuana? No, no! You have to make some waves to get your face in the papers. Therefore, let's take on the nonexistent transgender bathroom invaders.

You would think that our lawmakers had plenty of other important matters to deal with in this session. And wouldn't have time for such silliness.

But you'd be wrong. Getting enough exposure to get re-elected is very important to our betters. Even if it costs the state in the long run.

Commentary on 03/18/2017

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