Christians should oppose

‘cruelty cover-up’

As Christians, we have a duty to help those in need, to be kind and compassionate in our daily lives, and to care for all living creatures. House Bill 1665 is a direct attack on these intrinsic Christian values.

This “cruelty cover-up” bill would make it illegal for employees to document abuse and neglect in their workplaces, whether it’s in a daycare center, a nursing home or a large-scale farm. Similar measures have been tried in Arkansas before, and each time citizens have voiced our outrage and stopped them.

House Bill 1665 is a blatant attempt to intimidate us into silence. As Jesus spoke out for the outcasts, the poor, the sick and the weak, so too must we stand up and speak out for our society’s most vulnerable populations. Say no to HB 1665 and encourage your legislators to do the same.



Timely help with cart

seen as a blessing

I am convinced there are angels among us.

Last Thursday, I stopped by Walmart for some needed items. Being an elderly cripple, I park as close to the door as possible and look for a cart to assist in walking in. It was fairly early and not many [people] out. I looked for a cart and not seeing any available, I got my trusty cane, praying not to fall, and carefully shuffled across the driveway. When I reached the security post, I grabbed one to rest, then stepped toward the door. Out came a younger man on an electric cart and he came toward me. I said “Oh, thank you, I really need that. God bless.”

I planted myself in the seat and stashed my bag. I looked around and not seeing my rescuer, I moved on. God bless him.

Walmart needs to know how much we seniors appreciate those electric shopping carts. They give us the freedom to continue doing our own shopping.

Praise God for caring people.



Governor should veto

Collins’ gun legislation

Thank you to Gov. Hutchinson for supporting the current campus gun carry law’s “very workable arrangement” (Dec. 21, NWA Democrat-Gazette) allowing campuses to opt out of concealed carry. What a shock to see that a new bill forcing campuses to allow concealed gun carry “was touted as an agreement between the bill’s sponsors, Gov. Hutchinson and the NRA.” Who in Arkansas elected the NRA? Who do our state’s elected officials listen to?

Our own police, on campuses and in towns across our state — the trained and experienced officers who with the utmost courage and concern have thought about school intruder defense from every angle — are overwhelmingly opposed to more guns on college campuses. They say more guns create a much higher risk of fatalities.

State Rep. Charlie Collins, elected to represent and promote our community’s best interests and well-being, is instead “very excited” at his bill’s passage. He is “very excited” despite near unanimous opposition from constituents, campus and community leaders — and our police. Collins heard their steadfast opposition to more guns on campus, but he has not listened. Now the bill goes to our governor. Will he listen to his communities, their leaders and their protectors?

Please call Gov. Hutchinson NOW at (501) 682-2345; e-mail him at governor.arkansas.gov. Ask him to stand with, his words, the “very workable arrangement” of the current law. Ask him to stand with our communities’ police. Ask him to stand with the communities of our state and veto House Bill 1249.




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