A travesty of a leader

Trumpsters and Trumpettes repeatedly refer to anyone who criticizes their anointed one as a sore loser. I'm not a sore loser; I'm an angry American who wants his country back. It seems Trump's travesty of an administration consists primarily of business cronies and right-wing Republicans who detest the agencies they are to lead. If this is running the country like a business, then this business needs help from the Small Business Administration, or have they already eliminated it?

It appears that Trump's tax plan is exactly as characterized by the Democrats who opposed him--a windfall for wealthy individuals and large corporations, and a fist to the gut of the little guy. The ballyhooed border tax will hurt Wal-Mart, Target and other retailers who will pass the cost on to their customers. It is equivalent to a regressive sales tax that hurts those in the middle and lower end of the income spectrum.

Did you hear the one about the president who has no personal business conflicts? Seems Trump was recently awarded a trademark for the Trump brand in China--one he was denied for the last 10 years. How lucky is that? And about 40 percent of the steel in the Keystone pipeline is from a Russian-owned company, what a coincidence. Nostrovia, comrade!

When Republicans talk about cutting entitlements, they mean Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the social programs that I believe form the fabric of our civil society. I believe their plan is simple: protect corporate donors and the very rich and stick it to the middle class under the guise of health-care reform.


Little Rock

President's fact-check

I would like to quote our so-called president who has repeatedly said what a "massive" victory he had in the November election: "I guess it was the biggest electoral college win since Reagan."

Of course this was a big lie. It took me all but two minutes to fact-check this quote. Here are the results: George H.W. Bush in 1988 won with 426. Bill Clinton won in 1992 with 370, and in 1996 with 379. Barack Obama won in 2008 with 365, and 332 in 2012. The Liar had 304 in 2016 (270 to win) and did beat out George W. Bush, who had 271 in 2000 (Bush versus Gore), and 286 in 2004.

Now he is saying that the media is after him with "fake news" when his honesty is questioned. The only truly fake news seems to come from him and his minions. His election was no massive landslide, and he lost the popular vote "bigly." So sad.

Now a lot of Republicans got excited about his speech to Congress. He outlined a spending spree along with deep tax cuts. Did we not learn what such actions/spending will do to the national debt? He wants to trash the EPA and let the coal industry dump its toxic sludge into rivers. Do we actually need unregulated burning of coal? Maybe we can end up like China where they wear masks to breathe and visibility is zero.

It seems the Liar-in-Chief does not want you to read the New York Times because he does not want you exposed to the truth about him. When he started bashing the Times, I and thousands of others purchased the New York Times online. I believe the Times has exposed this charlatan to sunlight, and we all know sunlight is the best disinfectant.


Little Rock

If you see something

Many of us are familiar with the phrase "if you see something, say something." It's a common-sense idea--if we see dangerous or abusive behavior, we speak up so that we can fix the issue. House Bill 1665, however, goes in the opposite direction.

It seems this measure is designed to suppress and intimidate whistle-blowers into silence. Companies would be able to sue an employee who documents unethical actions. If this dangerous bill is passed, all of our most vulnerable populations would be left even more defenseless than they already are. Whether it's puppies in a puppy mill or children at a day-care center, they need our protection and our voices.

If we see something, we should be able to expose it without fear of being penalized. I'm calling on Representative Fite and Senator Clark to vote No on HB1665.



Weight loss possible

I find Katherine Tucker's letter regarding weight loss similar to my experiences. Obesity, even morbid obesity, can be reversed and health restored.

In 2004, I reached my weight goal, have not regained weight (as "experts" predict), and destroyed the myth that "old" people can't lose weight (I was 68 then).

My help wasn't from "experts," but what worked best for me. I changed only one thing, and lost 125 pounds.



To Bronze Age drivel

Currently, it seems there is a wall insulating religion from criticism and reason. Liberals and conservative alike maintain that we must respect others' culture and religions. They argue for the importance of cultural context. This view would seem to suggest that any behavior is compatible with any state of mind.

History validates our willingness to suspend reason in favor of religious beliefs, even when some of those beliefs inspire the worst of human atrocities. Today in a number of Middle East countries there exists an Islamic culture that approves of "honor killings," where young girls or women who may have had the misfortune of being raped can be murdered for bringing shame to the family. Now, for the sake of political correctness, I am told I must respect that culture and its religion. I personally believe that it would be dishonorable to do so. I refuse to make apologies for criticizing such barbaric behavior.

It seems to me that anyone who insists we honor or respect such inhuman activity certainly cannot have empathy or respect for Muslim women, who are the great victims of that culture. Unfortunately, those who have pondered the irrationality of religious faith have failed to articulate the dangers and absurdities of organized religion, and so in the 21st century we still pay homage to Bronze Age drivel.

I believe anyone who believes Islam is a peaceful religion hijacked by extremists lives in a mirage, and has not paid serious attention to history. Semper Fi.



Address parking issue

I will be emailing the mayor and city directors of Little Rock concerning the horrific parking difficulties encountered on a recent Thursday afternoon when trying to go see Phantom of the Opera at the beautifully renovated Robinson Auditorium.

We were one hour early; the Doubletree parking garage was full. We drove around to finally find a lot at Third and Broadway that had a few spaces open. We are seniors; walking several blocks on concrete was not part of the plan.

I can't imagine people coming in from out of town for these wonderful performances, not knowing the city, what difficulties they will encounter to find a parking space. And this winter, when weather is bad, walking several blocks?

This issue is serious; will it ever get any better? Could shuttles from somewhere be worked out? City government, please address this!


Little Rock

Liberty being robbed

Re "Liberty not for wimps": Amen, Walter E. Williams. Only those laboring for every dollar, including the dollars that are just a deduction on most people's paychecks, truly understand the robbing of their liberty by our federal government.



Editorial on 03/20/2017

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