Washington County marriage licenses

March 9

Oswaldo Enrique Benites Rios, 35, and Elizabeth Cervantes Chavez, 27, both of Springdale

Tony Lee Graber, 39, and Sarah Sue Tracy, 31, both of Springdale

George Albert Hoag, 39, and Cherokee Dawne Lee, 24, both of Winslow

Ricky Donald Ivy Jr., 47, and Jacquelyn Marie Tilly, 52, both of Fayetteville

Jerry Dean Kimberling, 19, and Megan Anne Laney, 20, both of West Fork

Ricky Alan Lougee, 38, and Calinda Diane Prince, 39, both of Springdale

Samuel David McWatters, 27, and Katie Marie Pianalto, 23, both of Springdale

Nestor Ulises Mendoza, 19, and Arianna Corona, 19, both of Springdale

Andrew Lemar Nixon, 43, Farmington, and Mindy Lynn Brown, 38, Lowell

Shay Aaron Poe, 22, and Kirsten Shae Patterson, 21, both of Fayetteville

March 10

Brady Dakota Belcher, 23, and Abigail Marjorie Detheridge, 20, both of Rogers

Travis Taylor Combs, 26, and Lindsey Paris Bowlin, 28, both of Fayetteville

Jeffrey Agar Crayton, 56, and Sabrina Lynn Jones, 46, both of Fayetteville

Jonathan Carl Hawes, 24, and Mellisa Anne Lee, 24, both of Springdale

Eduardo Jauregui-Salazar, 33, and Mariana Flores, 31, both of Springdale

Amber April Johnson, 43, and Leslie Ann Worbington, 39, both of Bethel Heights

Daniel Benjamin Mart, 33, and Ashley Bree Ann Santizo, 26, both of Fayetteville

Kachi Victor Ndubuisi, 22, and Nicole Ashley Nark, 22, both of Fayetteville

Jason Lee Olinger, 33, and Jenifer Joyce Morrill, 36, both of Springdale

Casey Joe Pennington, 30, and Rachel Marie Edwards, 21, both of Fayetteville

Blake Henderson Raybon, 40, and Christy Lafern Hinton, 41, both of Fayetteville

Martin Pastor Rodriguez Jr., 25, and Maria Magdalena Laguna-Martinez, 21, both of Springdale

Miguel Angel Torres Santiago, 27, and Sonia Lyssette Mojica Gonzalez, 29, both of Springdale

March 13

Jose Rodrigo Acosta Baeza, 28, and Vilma Veronica Figueroa, 30, both of Springdale

Brayer Juan Carlos Araujo-Martinez, 23, and Sandra Castillo-Flores, 22, both of Springdale

Efrain Barroso-Miranda, 34, Springdale, and Carolina Bibiano Martinez, 35, Siloam Springs

Josie Jones, 27, and Sally Kotwan, 28, both of Springdale

Shaun Ryan Portmann, 35, and Erin Renee Gatling, 27, both of Fayetteville

Caleb Elijah Roberts, 24, Fayetteville, and Jessica Renee Bamber, 28, Springdale

Clifford Samuel Ward, 69 Fayetteville, and Linda Carol Girtman, 63, Tahlequah, Okla.

Derrick Jerome Whittle, 37, and Jennifer Marie Horner, 36, both of Springdale

March 14

Koty Xavier Bitner, 22, and Bianka Irene Dunn, 25, both of Springdale

Harold Max Ceaser, 36, and Summer Marie Tomasek, 29, both of Fayetteville

Hogan Williams Cook, 27, and Kayla Nicole Nichols, 26, both of Springdale

Melvin Alexander Cruz Rodriguez, 31, and Hilma Gisela Mejia, 33, both of Springdale

Christopher Stills Kelsey, 40, and Ashley Elizabeth Earnest, 28, both of Fayetteville

Caleb Zachary Maldonadohall, 28, and Candace Amanda McCoy, 26, both of Stillwater, Okla.

Shawn Montgomery Martin, 43, and Peggy Sue White, 47, both of Fayetteville

Larry Charles Nelson, 69, and Carrie Marie Kass, 56, both of Prairie Grove

Jose Alberto Ramirez Munoz, 41, and Iliana Ivon Aguilar, 36, both of Springdale

Terry Ray Schaffer, 25, and Melody Ann Fuller, 28, both of Springdale

Philip Greer Schmidt, 30, and Mary Catherine Moery, 26, both of Fayetteville

Ryan William Sonnenberg, 36, and Dung Ngoc Thai, 35, both of Elkins

Jose Mario Vargas-Araujo, 28, and Anayeli Manjarrez-Barroso, 28, both of Springdale

March 15

Brian Ernest Brown, 47, and Virginia LaKay Gross, 36, both of Fayetteville

Clinton Michael Burns, 31, Springdale, and Lori Lynn Ray, 22, Branson, Mo.

Nicholas Dane Lutz, 30, Rogers, and Sara Cooper, 34, Elkins

Justin James Pinkley, 36, and Robin Raquel Tackett, 45, both of Springdale

David Martin Pyle, 34, and Angela Renee Burke, 32, both of Springdale

Axel Brandon Ruiz-Cibrian, 21, and Brianna Noelle Allen, 21, both of Fayetteville

Derek Andrew Talley, 31, and Alexandrea Nicole Franklin, 27, both of Fayetteville

Aaron Delgado Tovar, 38, and Arlene Hernandez, 41, both of Springdale

NW News on 03/20/2017

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