Support investigation

All of us should demand that congressional leaders support the appointment of an independent special prosecutor to investigate the apparent Russian intervention into the last presidential election and the possible collusion of the Trump campaign. All legislators currently in the minority party are demanding this appointment. Trump along with his base supporters consider such collusion complete fabrication (a hoax), so certainly should also demand an investigation to unequivocally clear the president of even the slightest semblance of such a link.

Why then are few, if any, GOP legislators supporting such an appointment? One can only guess that either they know the accusations are true and do not want them exposed, or they fear that such accusations may well be true. I believe to not insist on such an investigation for either of these reasons would be derelict, if not treasonous, and unacceptable to patriotic U.S. citizens.



What it will look like

What will America look like when no one will pledge allegiance to the flag? What will America look like when everyone takes a knee or just sits on their duff when the national anthem is presented?

What will we look like when the police fail to accept jobs because they are tired of being harassed and shot at? What will happen when not enough men and women are eligible for military service because of their pot and drug habits?

What will America look like when its next generation doesn't know God or the Ten Commandments, or concern themselves about morality issues? Will we still raise the flag and salute it, or will we just slink off to our own little space and say "it ain't my job, man"? Why do we sit on our butts and let a tiny handful of atheists tell us we can't display the Ten Commandments?

Why do we sit idly by and let CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox News paint a picture of hopelessness for Americans in regard to the current president?

I will openly carry my firearm, salute the flag and stand while the national anthem is presented. Being respectful to our flag and to our president is done to honor our country, not the man. I will protect you, your children and your rights.

No man will ever lead American citizens to a place of safety, security and happiness. That would require all us to be on the same page and we undoubtedly will never get there.

All we need is to start showing one another some respect. Respect is a cure for a tremendous amount of problems we are having. You don't have to believe what others believe, worship or practice, or like how they conduct themselves sexually to show respect.

I have never met a man that wanted to fight me or kill me because I showed him too much respect!


Little Rock

Protect environment

I don't think anyone can argue that the Trump administration has certainly been active. Every day there seems to be news of some agency, program, or legislation under attack. But as citizens we need to stop being apathetic bystanders and start paying attention to the actions that pose detrimental repercussions for our environment and economy.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt would have us believe that rolling back EPA regulations is necessary for a healthy economy. That couldn't be further from the truth. We need a healthy environment to ensure a healthy economy. This is why Pruitt's latest effort--identifying regulations that can be weakened or eliminated--is so shortsighted and dangerous.

We need robust environmental protections because polluters won't police themselves and Arkansas doesn't always have the will or the resources to hold polluters accountable. Strong safeguards from EPA and other agencies ensure that companies can't simply put profits before people--and that there are consequences for polluting.

Common-sense laws protect public health. Contact your representatives to stop Scott Pruitt's reckless push to weaken vital safeguards. Arkansas needs EPA regulations to remain intact to protect the vitality of the Natural State. Our economic future depends on it.


Little Rock

What media deliver

I agree with Joe Jeffers. We need to see both sides of an issue. However, having become a media-based society, I'm afraid that we are victims of some people who are in the position to deliver the "news." What they do deliver are their views using accusations, opinions, questions phrased such that they cannot be answered in a positive way, and just plain bullying. I heard George Stephanopolous, who by the way clearly cannot pronounce "Washington," push the person he was interviewing by stating, "There are those who say," followed by something that was really an unsubstantiated accusation, then asked the person to deny what he had said.

We all know that once you have been accused and asked to deny something, the more you deny it the guiltier you sound. This type of bullying is used on everyone in politics today. For example, if I were to interview Mr. S., I might say, "My reliable sources have suggested that you wear an aluminum foil hat at home and secretly watch Ancient Aliens, with Giorgio Tsoucalos (another of Greek descent). Does this mean that you and your fellows of Greek heritage are plotting to help aliens invade Earth? There are those who say you are suspected of raising money to fund a welcoming committee for these migrants. Can you deny these statements?"

There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone running for office that has not done or said something they regret, or changed their mind about something as they grow in wisdom. Abraham Lincoln wrote extensively on his belief that slavery was a necessity, but he changed his mind.

I will get my news from several reliable sources, including printed and some "news" broadcasts, where articles are reviewed for accuracy and I can be assured that the opinions are plainly identified and printed on the Voices page.



Keep our secrets safe

Somewhere about 50 or so years ago, I was an Air Force communications specialist. I did messages, etc. When sent to 'Nam I was the Top Secret "Eyes Only" contact at Binh Thuy Air Force Base. I handled several such messages, under very tight security. Secrets I had not shared since then. Our Comm Center was a tin shed across from the tower for the base. We got mortared every night; some landed in our front yard, all around us. Our crew instructed that if we were being overrun, we were to stay in the Comm Center, using desks, whatever, to build "bunkers" and defend the crypto gear and destroy it with the bombs. Burn everything we could. It was never said that when the bombs were started, by hand, that we were basically done. This was to keep our secrets and methods safe.

And now this minority-elected president reportedly just hands off stuff to the Russians. Me and my colleagues would protect that info with our lives. Please, it's apparent this guy is a bully and nuts.


Pine Bluff

Editorial on 05/18/2017

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