Letter writer has no basis for Trump criticisms

Letter writer has no basis for Trump criticisms

In your Nov. 6 letters section there was a letter titled "Just a few suggestions" authored by Linda Farrell. Her letter was a sad commentary demonstrating today's lack of critical thinking. The letter is replete with common phrases such as "learn your job," "read about Churchill," "take up a hobby," "learn something about constitutional law," your "base ... are the only ones who want the wall" and "your budget is flat out cruel." These are only samples of her special phrases.

There is not one example of fact shown to support her disparaging tirade about our president. In fact, there was a recent president who returned a gift of a Churchill bust and was a constitutional lawyer who some think was not great.

She may not be qualified as a swimsuit model (her description) but neither does she demonstrate the quality of critical analysis, only raw sarcasm.

Gregory Wuhs

Bella Vista

Something to be thankful for from Texas shooting

We've seen another mass shooting in Texas, and it's a shame.

More mental problems abound than should. But to be thankful for something, I realized that an instructor for the NRA had the ability to stop him before more lives were lost. I'm thankful that there will be no lengthy trials that cost the state way too much for me to comprehend; the situation is over for many.

My prayers are with the families of those lost, for sure.

Ivan Daubenberger


Commentary on 11/11/2017

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