Kneeling seen as disrespect among patriots

Kneeling during the national anthem isn't showing disrespect? What, are you kidding me? Have "progressives" been raised by wolves?

As one who has served as an admiral's aide and administered countless ceremonies, ship transfers, changes of command, burial at sea, etc., I can tell you the military takes the posting/honoring of the flag seriously. Dissenters should go to a military base during morning or afternoon colors, watch as the bugler sounds attention to colors and see all activity stop, sports activities pause and players remove their hats and hold them over their hearts. Traffic halts and drivers exit their cars and stand at attention, saluting if in uniform, and all over the base personnel stop and snap to attention until the posting is done and carry on is sounded. No other activity is appropriate.

Donald Trump did what any patriot would do when he called out the NFL. The NFL players owe this great nation and the patriots who defend her their respect by honoring our traditions in the customary way. After eight years of a president conflicted in his patriotism or the first lady who was proud of the country for the "first time in her adult life" when her husband won election, we deplorables yearn for unabashed pride in country, history and tradition.

It is truly discouraging to see the equivocations offered by those defending the players' actions. One even opined that the flag was merely a scrap of cloth, an opinion I advise better kept to oneself when in the company of patriots.

It is as if absolutes no longer exist and every tradition must be re-examined in the rear-view mirror and our history judged through the lens of "political correctness."

Ron Hale

Bella Vista

Abortion decision will stick with young girl forever

Recently a young woman challenged witnesses with the 40 Days for Life event at Planned Parenthood on Crossover Road and raised a frightening issue. She was angry about a girl she knew who was pregnant due to sexual abuse and felt that our stand against abortion was negative toward that person.

The greatest issue here is not the pregnancy. For a young teen pregnant due to rape, abortion does not address the real problem. The woman said, "He rapes her every day." If she aborts her baby, the criminal assault of a minor continues. Until the rapist is identified and removed from her life, she cannot have a life of her own. She cannot make choices about abortion, adoption or anything else.

If you know of someone in this situation, please contact some trusted person or authority to help remove this constant physical, psychological and emotional threat from her. Thank you to the challenger for being concerned about this young teen, for loving her enough to rail at all that she endures. Take the next step, and give her a chance for a life without fear. Many are praying for her. There is help for all that faces her and her unborn child. Do not think that her only option is to kill that child. That decision will follow her all her life.

Carolyn Cashman


Commentary on 10/10/2017



Re: “Kneeling seen as disrespectful among patriots.”

Sorry sailor, all that “respect” among members of active duty military members is mandated. If a member of the military on a ship, base, or post doesn’t acknowledge the flag, as prescribed, they are subject to reprimand. That hardly qualifies as patriotism.
Our military pays the NFL to hold “over the top” flag ceremonies at the beginning of NFL games. The team owners aren’t paying for fly overs and the presentation of colors by active duty personnel. It’s called advertising.
As a Service Connected, Cobat Related 100% disabled Army veteran I proudly state that my sacrifice was made so these courageous players could protest, in any peaceful way they choose, the injustices black men and women continue to experience in today’s America. My question is, why aren’t more white patriots taking a knee with them. What have you done to combat the racial inequalities ignored or embraced by this president?

Sgt Otto Merz, USA Retired
Rogers, AR

Posted 10 October 2017, 4:29 p.m. Suggest removal

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