Kneeling seen as disrespect among patriots

Kneeling during the national anthem isn't showing disrespect? What, are you kidding me? Have "progressives" been raised by wolves?

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Re: “Kneeling seen as disrespectful among patriots.”

Sorry sailor, all that “respect” among members of active duty military members is mandated. If a member of the military on a ship, base, or post doesn’t acknowledge the flag, as prescribed, they are subject to reprimand. That hardly qualifies as patriotism.
Our military pays the NFL to hold “over the top” flag ceremonies at the beginning of NFL games. The team owners aren’t paying for fly overs and the presentation of colors by active duty personnel. It’s called advertising.
As a Service Connected, Cobat Related 100% disabled Army veteran I proudly state that my sacrifice was made so these courageous players could protest, in any peaceful way they choose, the injustices black men and women continue to experience in today’s America. My question is, why aren’t more white patriots taking a knee with them. What have you done to combat the racial inequalities ignored or embraced by this president?

Sgt Otto Merz, USA Retired
Rogers, AR

Posted 10 October 2017, 4:29 p.m. Suggest removal

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