In the news » Cards feature victims of unsolved killings; stray bullet hits boy, 8; students fight, then parents brawl

Stan Florence, director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation, is hoping that prison inmates who buy decks of playing cards featuring the victims of unsolved killings and other cold cases will provide tips that investigators can use to solve the crimes.

Danielle Demers, 37, of Atlantic City, N.J., and Nina House, 31, of Margate, N.J., face multiple charges after they tried to sell a rifle, 300 rounds of ammunition and five pipe bombs -- and provided instructions on how to fill the bombs with nails -- to an undercover police officer, authorities reported.

Martin Hemann, sheriff of Chickasaw County, Iowa, said a stray bullet fired from a shooting range less than a mile away struck an 8-year-old boy as he visited an apple orchard with his parents, sending the boy to a hospital, where he was in stable condition after undergoing surgery.

George Camacho, a police sergeant in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., offered few details but said a city high school was locked down for a time when a lunchtime fight broke out among students that was followed by another brawl among their arriving parents.

Nancie Atwell, 66, a Maine teacher who pleaded guilty to shoplifting a $14.99 blouse in 2016 after winning the $1 million Global Teacher Prize, has received a theft summons after Wiscasset police said she violated her probation by stealing a $28 dog leash.

Sudhara Beaudry was arrested on a narcotics manufacturing charge after a complaint about an aggressive dog led a Johnson County, Tenn., sheriff's deputy to an outbuilding where he reported finding about 60 marijuana plants being grown.

Miranda Grossman, a police spokesman in Hollywood, Fla., said officers, hearing whimpers and cries coming from behind an abandoned building, found a bloody, but alive year-old pit bull that had been beaten, stabbed, stuffed inside a suitcase and left to die.

Raul Olmeda, 40, a New York City police officer, indicted on 15 felony counts accusing him of patronizing a 15-year-old girl for prostitution and making videos of her performing sex acts, was suspended without pay and had his gun and badge removed, prosecutors said.

Paul Johnson, 30, faces numerous charges after authorities in Attleboro, Mass., say he broke into several vehicles, stole credit cards and other items, and was arrested after he fell asleep in a minivan he had damaged.

A Section on 10/12/2017

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