Super Quiz: Lands

  1. "Land of Lincoln" (state)

  2. "Land of the Rising Sun" (country)

  3. "Land of the Midnight Sun" (region)

  4. Land of Nod (Bible)

  5. Land of milk and honey (Bible)

  6. "Land of Enchantment" (state)

  7. The Land of Smiles (musical)

  8. "Land of Steady Habits" (state)

  9. "Land of Opportunity" (state)


  1. Illinois

  2. Japan

  3. Alaska

  4. East of Eden (Cain's place of exile)

  5. Fertile land promised to the Israelites by God

  6. New Mexico

  7. Operetta by Franz Lehar

  8. Connecticut

  9. Arkansas

Weekend on 10/12/2017

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