The house’s cut

The state’s legal numbers racket took in several more millions this September than it did in the same month back in 2016. The specifics: Revenue for the lottery increased $3.3 million compared with September a year ago, to a total of $36.4 million. The increase, the state says, comes through more sales of scratch-off tickets.

Another detail: As of Aug. 1, gamblers in Arkansas were allowed to buy lottery tickets using their debit cards. Instead of only cash.

The lottery says it doesn’t track what tickets are bought using plastic, so it can’t say for sure that that was the cause of the increase. But let’s assume. It’s not a giant leap.

And now that folks are becoming used to using debit cards to gamble, the next step isn’t difficult to see, either. Surely a lawmaker with an eye toward increasing the bottom line will come up with legislation to allow gamblers to use credit cards. Or maybe gift cards will come before that. One step at a time, doncha know.

The only can’t-miss in this whole deal: The state always gets its money. The house take always comes first.

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