Stop supporting violent entertainment options

There seems to be a connection in our society between the violence we celebrate in movies, in sports and in other activities and the acceptance by many people of that violence as being normal.

Many of the Hollywood movies of this past decade, and perhaps even longer, are violent in character, and the acceptance by the public is exhibited by their ongoing financial success at the box office. The sports that have become very popular in our society, such as football, boxing, and wrestling, are also based on the celebration of violence. Why then should we be surprised when something like the killing of people at a concert is, in an individual's warped mind, only a continuation of this same mindset of celebration of violence?

Perhaps we should consider the fact that, just maybe, we as citizens of this free country should stop celebrating violence by halting our continuing contribution of time, money and attention to these violent activities.

Richard H. Eggert

Bella Vista

Commentary on 10/13/2017

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