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Garrett Church, a police spokesman in Oak Brook, Ill, said a 56-year-old woman who drove from St. Petersburg, Fla., to Oak Brook to stay with a relative as Hurricane Irma struck had her car and all of her belongings inside stolen when she left the vehicle parked in the driveway with the keys inside.

Hope Hicks, 28, an early member of President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign staff, was named White House communications director, becoming the third person to hold the post since Trump's Jan. 20 inaugural.

Ashley Brignac, 36, faces charges in the theft of nearly $73,000 in charitable bingo money raised over a six-week period to benefit the Gretna Historical Society, which preserves five historic buildings and artifacts in Gretna, La., investigators said.

Judd Matheny of Tullahoma, Tenn., a state lawmaker who is running for Congress, used $1,600 in campaign funds to cover the cost of 2,000 rounds of belted machine gun ammunition from his personal stockpile that was used at a "high value" shooting event for constituents.

James Howell Jr. and his girlfriend, Jamie Carver, face kidnapping and child-endangerment charges, accused of restraining his 4-year-old twin sons with shoelaces, gagging them with socks and sticking them to a wall using duct tape, Cincinnati police said.

Tyson Burnett, 20, who pleaded guilty to robbing at gunpoint an Amherst, Mass., pizza delivery driver, received probation after his victim asked a judge for leniency, saying Burnett made a mistake and "should get a pass somewhere along the way."

Stephen Walbert, 73, and Jennifer Meyerink, 72, who fell in love 50 years ago, lost touch with each other and were reunited two years ago, wore Elvis Presley-inspired outfits as they got married at a hospital in Rochester, N.Y. where Walbert is undergoing cancer treatment.

Yulia Latynina, a Russian radio host and newspaper columnist, said she has fled the country to an undisclosed location and is "unlikely to return anytime soon" after her car was set on fire and her elderly parents had to put it out.

Bryce Marlatt, 40, a state senator from Woodward, Okla., accused of grabbing an Uber driver's head and kissing her neck when she picked him up at an Oklahoma City restaurant, resigned his Senate position after being charged with felony sexual battery, his attorney said.

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