Springdale Youth Council appointments approved


SPRINGDALE -- The city's youth council is set and ready to go.

The City Council approved appointing 18 local high school students to the Springdale Youth Council during Tuesday's meeting.

Springdale Youth Council members

Har-Ber High School

• Avery L. Proud

• Georgia E. Milhem

• Halle N. Roberts

• Mitchelle Clarence

• Nicole Dominguez

• Ty Kinne

Springdale High School

• Claire Freeman

• Hailey N. Currence

• Isabelle Shackelford

• Kourtney K. Thompson

• Mark Anthony Solis

Tyson School of Innovation

• Abigail N. Herrera

• Dexter Johnny

• Meghan A. Boen

• William L. Hodge

Shiloh Christian School

• John S. Morrison

Haas Hall Academy

• Dominic Dharwadker


• Jackson M. Walsh

Source: Springdale City Council

The newly created Youth Council includes six students from Har-Ber High School, five students from Springdale High School, four from the Tyson School of Innovation, one from Shiloh Christian School, a Springdale teen who attends Haas Hall Academy in Fayetteville and one homeschool student, according to Melissa Reeves, the city's public relations director.

"I believe that this council will be a great opportunity for kids our age in the community," said Dexter Johnny, a junior from the School of Innovation who was appointed to the council. "We can shine a light on problems that affect youth in the community."

Thirty students applied to join the council.

"We read through all their applications. We discussed the students and the things we liked about the applications," Reeves said. "Almost all the candidates were fantastic, and it was a very difficult decision to make."

The Youth Council will have its first meeting next Tuesday. Each meeting will be divided into two sections: education and discussion.

"The first two hours they will learn about local government, and the last hour they will work on their essential duties, such as planning an event or planning their presentation," Reeves said.

Kathryn Birkhead, who ran for City Council last year, introduced the Youth Council idea to Mayor Doug Sprouse. Sprouse announced the council's creation during his Feb. 28 state of the city address. Reeves said Sprouse asked her to develop the Youth Council program.

The program will include a group presentation where Youth Council members will research a problem affecting city youth. They will present the problem and potential solutions to the City Council, Reeves said.

The council will last from September through April and be an annual program. Every year the council will have 18 new students.

Rick Schaeffer, communications director for Springdale schools, lauded the council's creation.

"It's a really good idea because it allows the students in our School District to get a good idea of how the city government of Springdale works," Schaeffer said in July. "Hopefully, it will encourage them to do the same wherever they live in the future."

Elected city officials ranging from the mayor to City Council members to City Attorney Earnest Cate will serve as mentors to Youth Council members, Reeves said.

NW News on 09/13/2017

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