Super Quiz: Myths and legends

  1. She was King Arthur's wife.

  2. Cause to rise and hover in the air by magical power

  3. Legendary follower of Robin Hood, noted for his size and strength

  4. He flew with his father, Daedalus, from Crete but fell into the sea.

  5. Which fictional character visited a land called Glubbdubdrib?

  6. Iris is the Greek goddess of the __.

  7. Divination from patterns seen in a handful of earth thrown on the ground

  8. A place of fabulous riches held by explorers to exist in South America

  9. What is a chanticleer?


  1. Guinevere

  2. Levitate

  3. Little John

  4. Icarus

  5. Lemuel Gulliver

  6. Rainbow

  7. Geomancy

  8. El Dorado

  9. Rooster (cock)

Weekend on 08/09/2018

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