Judge lets newspaper intervene in Wendt FOIA kerfuffle


Photographs by NWA Democrat-Gazette file photo

Former Superintendent of Fayetteville Public Schools Matthew Wendt is shown in this 2017 file photo.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette will be allowed to intervene in the case of a woman who sued the Fayetteville School District to prevent the release of records related to the firing of former Superintendent Matthew Wendt.

Legal lingo


A civil law procedure where someone who is not part of a case can join the case to make sure his interests get fairly represented. When an outside party seeks to join a case via “intervention of right,” that person or party will have filed a motion with the court presenting sufficient evidence they have an interest in the issues involved, they risk some form of injustice if not joined to the case and that no one else already on the case can sufficiently represent their interests. When an outside party tries to join a case using the “permissive intervention” route, he may not have a direct interest in the case, but, he will be able to prove there is a particular question of law or statute that needs clarification or interpretation by the judge.

Source: Staff report

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