NWA editorial: Dear Parole Board

Child’s killer should remain behind bars

It pains us, really, to even have to broach the subject of Christopher Segerstrom.

What’s the point?

The 45-year-old killer of a 4-year-old Fayetteville girl 30 years ago should not be paroled.

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Landlady says...

Thinking even beyond the horrendous act perpetrated on a little four old girl, this individual has personal limitations which will never let him live a normal productive life. For the continued safety of our community as a whole and our children especially there should no question that Segerstrom should never be allowed to leave prison. Personally I think it is unfortunate the people of Arkansas have had the responsibility of feeding and housing this highly flawed and unredeemable monster and will until his death. Had I been serving on a jury I would have had no hesitation about a death penalty had it been offered. This l has been a continuously sad ordeal for the victim’s parents that will continue to last a lifetime both theirs and Segerstroms. They deserve to know the death of their child will not go unpunished and forgotten in this world of over-correct political atmosphere. The rape a four year old child and smashing in her head with a 40 pound rock is today enough to make tears come to my eyes to this day. I remember when it happened. My husband and I had been married 2 years at that time and lived about five blocks from there in our first home. I thought how can this happen in the town I love, a town I had always felt safe to live in? Please do not consider the possibility of parole for Chris Segerstrom.

Posted 11 June 2018, 9:42 a.m. Suggest removal

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