Report: Arkansas Air Force Base among sites U.S. considering to house immigrant children

The Little Rock Air Force Base is one of the sites the U.S. government is considering to hold immigrant children separated from their families after crossing the border illegally, according to The Washington Post, which cited Defense Department communications.

The Post reported Tuesday that an email notification informed Pentagon staff members that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services would visit the Arkansas base as well as three Texas bases in the next two weeks to determine if they are suitable to house children temporarily.

Sgt. Regina Edwards of the Little Rock Air Force Base confirmed Thursday that the site is on the list for a visit from the agency but said a date has not yet been set and that she could not release more details.

A request for comment from the Department of Health and Human Services was not immediately returned.

The bases the department is considering would be used as housing for minors who arrive at the border without an adult relative or after the government has separated them from their parents, according to the The Washington Post report.

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