Fort Smith police dog injured during pursuit of Arkansas man


A police dog was injured Thursday while chasing an Arkansas man who had been on the run from authorities since Wednesday night, authorities said.

The dog, named Ringo, was hit in the pursuit of 23-year-old Christian Curiel, who was wanted on a battery charge, according to a news release from the Fort Smith Police Department.

Curiel's ex-girlfriend had called police Wednesday to report a domestic dispute involving a gun at her home in the 3000 block of Newlon Road, the release states.

Officers spotted Curiel's Jeep Cherokee on Thursday morning and gave chase. They used a set of spike strips to halt his flight, authorities wrote.

Curiel abandoned his Jeep, and police found him in the backyard of a residence near the intersection of 37th and Johnson streets, according to the release.

Authorities said they saw him swallow something shortly before his arrest, and he was taken to Mercy Hospital. The extent of the dog's injuries were not known at the time of the statement.

Police said Curiel faces two counts of aggravated assault: one against his ex-girlfriend and one against a law enforcement officer.

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