Park Springs Park and Trail


Photographs by Ben Goff

Ryan Bratton of Bentonville practices his skills on Sunday Feb. 28, 2016 during a NWA Bike Trials group ride at Park Springs Park in Bentonville. Bratton heads the NWA Bike Trials group and recently gained sponsorship from Mojo Cycling in Bentonville.

Park Springs Park provides riders with a variety of features from a trail ride to trials obstacles.

The park, 300 Northwest 10th Street, features mountain biking trails, rock formations and hidden technical features said Ryan Bratton an avid mountain biker.

A historic spring is a major feature of the park, stately trees. Bratton added one of his favorite features of the park is the trial features.

Trial features are designed to test the riders skill with their bike by navigating through an obstacle or series of obstacles without touching their feet to the ground.

The park also has a nature walk trail equipped with nice wooden bridges, a large rock bench seats to enjoy the scenery and space for a family picnic.

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