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Two former supervisors at Arkansas youth lockup plead guilty to abuse of detainees

Two former supervisors of an Arkansas juvenile lockup confessed Wednesday in federal court to assaulting and needlessly punishing detained youths and conspiring with other workers to cover up their abuses by falsifying use-of-force documents.

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Bills focus on transparency, records in Arkansas police shootings

Two state legislative proposals seek to increase transparency and keep better track of police-involved shootings in Arkansas.

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DEADLY FORCE: Families question justice in Arkansas police shooting probes

Lucy Crowder tries to remember her son in terms of how he lived: a loving father, a brother who teased his younger sister, the kind of friend who cried with you when your dog died.

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For good cops, taking of life set on replay, ex-officer says

For many officers involved in police shootings, the greatest fear “is they don’t want to get into another one,” Little Rock Police detective Tommy Hudson said.

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DEADLY FORCE: In 6 years, 53 blacks shot by police in Arkansas

Is it racial bias or part of a broader issue?

Roseetta Robinson wept alone on Halloween 2011 after a policeman killed her father. There were no protests, no riots, no public calls for accountability. No activists or TV cameras showed up in Jonesboro.

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Deadly-force data lacking; shootings by Arkansas police deserve study, officials say

Police in Arkansas shot at least 135 people in the past six years. Sixty-seven died. During the same period, at least three Arkansas police officers were fatally shot by assailants, and 31 reported being shot at when they wounded or killed someone, according to research by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Judge's dictate on jailed Arkansas youths upheld by court

Appellate ruling says agency must follow bench directives

A circuit judge set out to ensure that three teenagers wouldn't "languish" in county-run youth jails last year, but he ended up successfully challenging the state's authority in certain juvenile cases.

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Letter says neglect rife at Arkansas youth jails; state acknowledges there’s work to do

Some Arkansas teenagers in state custody live in quarters that reek of urine, and at some juvenile centers, 11 youths share a single urinal and shower, a failure of accreditation standards.

Arkansas takeover of youth jails reveals tensions

Lawmakers able to reject contract

As officials work to ensure that the state's last-minute takeover of seven youth jails is seamless, larger questions about Arkansas' juvenile justice system remain.

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Citing dispute, state to run youth lockups

Hutchinson fears service cuts at 7 facilities

The state will take control of operations at seven youth lockups at the start of the new year, Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Friday, arguing that such action was necessary because actions by Arkansas legislators made the services "headed for a government shutdown."

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