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2 of Arkansas' lockups for youths a danger, state told; inspectors report chaos

The state's two juvenile jails in Dermott remain dangerous for youths locked up there, a watchdog group told officials last month.

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Call for shift in law allowing sub-minimum wage for people with disabilities stirs fear in state

Alexis Brown used to think that having a disability meant her life had to look a certain way, that she wouldn't have choices when she grew up.

Juvenile-justice ideas honed for state legislators

Advocates for children aim to present plans for fewer lockups, more support

Advocates responsible for overhauling the state's juvenile-justice system will focus on changing how children are sentenced, incarcerated and supported by community programs in a legislative proposal for 2019.

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North Little Rock teen's bail plea in drive-by shooting rejected after police allege ties to gang violence

A 19-year-old accused of wounding a North Little Rock man during an October drive-by shooting was involved in a nexus of gangs that contributed to significant violence in the area, police and prosecutors said Thursday.

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Opioids' rise in Arkansas has babies entering world going through withdrawal

For years, Sasha Regan couldn't face the truth -- that she took drugs while she was pregnant, that she left her baby's health to chance.

Parents on opioids breaking families, taxing foster care

State agency starting to collect better data to get bigger picture of problem

The influx of opioid painkillers in Arkansas has burdened the state's foster care system, with more children being removed from homes because of parental drug use than in previous years, officials say.

Little Rock teen who disrupted court sent to adult jail a week; punishment said to possibly break law

A 16-year-old boy was thrown into adult jail for a week after he disrupted Pulaski County Circuit Court proceedings.

Arkansas youth lockup worker fired after teen's escape

State officials fired a supervisor of a Harrisburg juvenile lockup last Thursday, five days after the short-lived escape of a teenage boy who had been detained there.

Opioid-makers gushed dollars to Arkansas doctors

Pills soon flowed, study finds

Makers of narcotic painkillers gave millions of dollars to Arkansas doctors between 2013 and 2016. At least 800 state residents died from opioid overdoses during the same period.

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State opioid deaths not all tallied; system for investigating, reporting them deemed unreliable

State officials say the four-year death toll from opioid overdoses in Arkansas is likely higher than the 800 found in a federal database.

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