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Awesome Adventures

Film festival celebrates the great outdoors

As the short film "Where the Wild Things Play" opens, three guys are sitting at a bar, wishing they were out skiing or climbing or doing something exciting -- and wondering where the girls are.

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'Small but mighty' - Artist turns to nature for her first 5x5 entries

Kristi Ponte comes from three generations of professional artists -- working in glass, watercolor, acrylics, metal art, iron forging and floral design -- and she herself has been painting in acrylics for more than 30 years.

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No Time Like The Present - Violinist celebrates marriage of musical styles

He just won the 2018 Leonard Bernstein Award. He performs solo and with one of the most innovative trios currently touring. He's been described by the Boston Globe as someone who "plays classical violin with the charisma of a rock star."

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'She Kills Monsters' - UA play takes on real life within magical realm

"But this story remains. And isn't that essentially all that life is -- a collection of stories? This is one of mine ..."

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Words Matter

Author wants to help kids change the world

What's on Kwame Alexander's mind on a Tuesday morning in October?

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Come Sit A Spell

‘Front Porch’ facilitates cultural connections

Until they sat down together, Charlotte Buchanan-Yale and Jeannie Stone might not have known they were courting the same audience.

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All The News That Fits

Gridiron journalists poke fun at everyone

Any longtime fan of the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron Show surely expects to see Donald Trump in the first sketch -- and the second -- and probably the third, fourth, 10th and 26th.

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Immersive Theater

UAFS opens season with innovative fall production

There is nothing Bob Stevenson loves more than blasting through barriers -- not just the fourth wall that has traditionally separated actors from audience but anything else that might limit the theatrical experience.

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VIDEO: History Set To Music

Mulhollans debut new ‘Cane Hill’ album

Mollie discovered she was an artist, back when women weren't anything but wives, mothers and farm hands.

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A bicycle, a banjo and biscuits - Baker takes to road to collect stories of the Ozarks

"I like stories," said Martin Philip, a writer and Fayetteville native. "I find the lives that each of us lead -- small, large, jackpot or broke -- fascinating."

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Wayne and June Martin, pictured in front of the old Mooney-Barker Drug Store in Pettigrew, were inst...

Wayne and June Martin, pictured in front of the old Mooney-Barker Drug Store in Pettigrew, were instrumental in the preservation o...

Published: April 7, 2017

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