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Meet The Artists

Gallery at Midtown turns into Santa’s workshop

Jaquita Ball knows what a mature art market looks like -- and she knows Northwest Arkansas isn't one quite yet.

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Celebrating 17 Seasons

New artists and favorites back for Holiday Art Show

Susan Shore might be better known for her music than her art, but her catalog of wearable creations just keeps growing. What started with earrings she made for herself expanded last year to include felted wool vests, and this year, she'll debut a new collection of upcycled necklaces Dec. 1-3 at the Holiday Art Sale.

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Lights! Santa! Action!

Christmas arrives this weekend

'Tis the season to celebrate in the four central cities of Northwest Arkansas. Although it may seem to come earlier every year, the holidays officially kick off tonight in Fayetteville and Saturday in Bentonville.

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Eyes All Aglow

Silver Dollar City lights up the season

What's another 1.5 million lights when the "city" already boasts 5 million?

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Silent Film Superstar

Scheide shares Little Tramp’s ties to Arkansas

Elvis Presley. John Wayne. The Beatles.

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Watershed Illustrated

Like the beauty of the watershed for which it is named, the Illinois River Salon hasn't gotten as much attention as it deserved in the five years it has existed -- until now. This fall, the juried show -- which includes more than 60 works by more than 40 artists -- moves from being a relatively small part of the annual Illinois River Watershed conference to standing on its own as a relatively large exhibition at Art Ventures in Fayetteville.

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Cuttin' Loose

Pilot Arts takes off

Fate can intervene when it's least expected. Missy Speer Gipson knows that now.

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Christmas Cheer Found Here

Showboat Branson Belle ready to celebrate

Christmas came early this year for the Showboat Branson Belle.

How do you define haunted?

Grand old hotel rattles with ghostly tales

Nothing went bump in the night. In fact, I slept like a happy baby.

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No Senior Left Behind

‘Every Day a Visitor’ a story of hope, friendship, loss

The story offstage is just as entertaining as the one onstage at Arkansas Public Theatre.

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Wayne and June Martin, pictured in front of the old Mooney-Barker Drug Store in Pettigrew, were inst...

Wayne and June Martin, pictured in front of the old Mooney-Barker Drug Store in Pettigrew, were instrumental in the preservation o...

Published: April 7, 2017

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