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Grace Personified

Crystal Bridges celebrates architect and his vision

Dylan Turk has a special relationship with the Frank Lloyd Wright home that was moved in 2015 to the grounds of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville.

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Rockin' The FPL

Music series everything from rockabilly to jazz

Whether it's bluegrass, jazz, rockabilly, honky-tonk or the blues, the Mountain Street Stage summer music series will once again rock the Fayetteville Public Library every Sunday afternoon, starting June 4.

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5x5 Five Minutes, Five Questions Omni Peace Gardeners

This year's Omni Peace Garden Tour -- now in its ninth year -- invites humans into Fayetteville spaces created more for plants and animals. Froggy Bottom, at 324 E. Sutton St., is home to butterflies, birds, fish, frogs and toads, say gardeners Jennifer Mortensen and Kyle Quinn.

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Still Walking The Trail

Cherokee culture informs storyteller

Gayle Ross grew up in Lewisville, Texas, a northwestern suburb of Dallas. Only a few of its 100,000 people had anything to do with her heritage.

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Water, Water Everywhere

Coconut Cove lets littlest adventurers run free

Nick Guevel wants to hook them young. White Water, says its operations director, is a "journey" that starts with babies and toddlers splashing on a water-enhanced playground and continues through teenagers flying down the four-story KaPao Plummet.

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Fiddle Jamboree

Convention fills Harrison halls with music

"We're very informal here as far as musicians and fans are concerned," says Carl J. Wills. But that doesn't mean the annual Arkansas Fiddlers Convention, now in its 34th year in Harrison, can just be thrown together. Wills has been there for the past 27 years, and he's got this unique brand of juggling down to a science.

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Celebrating Salvation

Clayton House marks 40 years since restoration

Julia Yadon wasn't a historic preservationist. What she was, says Julie Moncrief, executive director of the Clayton House museum, was "a little bored and realized she needed to do more than go drink coffee at church."

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5x5 Five Minutes, Five Questions Laurie R. King

"It's hard for me to say what it's been like to grow up with Sherlock and Russell because they, like my parents, were simply always there," Zoe Quinton says of the popular stories by her mother, Laurie King. "Laurie wrote 'Beekeeper' when I was not even a teenager myself, so of course I (like all teenage girls) envisioned myself as Mary Russell: strong, smart and acerbically witty. In the longer term, growing up with fictional characters as part of my household shaped my own choice of career, as I have been working with Laurie to create and sell the Russell stories for over 10 years now. Soon they will become a part of my own children's lives, and the story will go on."

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5x5 Five Minutes, Five Questions Corrado Rovaris

The Artosphere Festival Orchestra, under the baton of music director Corrado Rovaris, has been recognized as an important new voice in the classical music world by American Public Media's Performance Today, the nation's most popular classical music radio program. But who is the maestro who has accomplished so much in seven years? What's Up! asked Rovaris five questions.

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Big Shoes To Fill

New attractions add variety to Branson mainstays

"With so many new additions coming on the scene in 2017, there are more reasons than ever to bring your family to Branson."

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Wayne and June Martin, pictured in front of the old Mooney-Barker Drug Store in Pettigrew, were inst...

Wayne and June Martin, pictured in front of the old Mooney-Barker Drug Store in Pettigrew, were instrumental in the preservation o...

Published: April 7, 2017

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