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Brenda Blagg: Growing interest

A final rush to become Arkansas’ peddlars of marijuana

Applicants have shown up by the hundreds to get in on Arkansas' newest business opportunity.

Brenda Blagg: All in with CHIPS

Program’s funding could get lost among Congress’ debates

Time is running out for a critical federal program that serves 120,000 Arkansas kids.

Brenda Blagg: Deferred no more

Trump, Sessions pull plug on child immigrants

Unfortunately, the Trump administration on Tuesday moved to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program.

Brenda Blagg: Say it ain't so ...

Trump’s pardon of Arpaio defies concept of accountability

The president of the United States pardoned an 85-year-old former Arizona county sheriff, an old man the president praised as a "patriot" who was just doing his job.

Brenda Blagg: Confederate complications

Mostly ignored statues now reflecting national divide

The comparison might sound a bit trivial, given the weight of debate over the lingering images of the Confederacy in this state and nation. But here goes, nonetheless.

Brenda Blagg: Guns stay home, for now

Concealed carry coming to campuses, but not yet

Concealed carry weapons are coming to Arkansas' college campuses, but their lawful carry will be delayed somewhat.

Brenda Blagg: Why Cotton?

Is immigration change fodder for presidential ambition?

The first question is why.

Brenda Blagg: A chink in the armor

Survey shows opening, however slight, in congressional races

A poll question posed recently to Arkansas voters indicated only 36 percent of them would definitely re-elect their respective congressmen.

Brenda Blagg: A presidential plummet

In a few months, Arkansans shift views on Trump

Recently released polling in Arkansas shows President Donald Trump starting to lose favor with an electorate that gave him a huge win last November.

Trotter won't give up on fight to protect plaintiffs in lawsuits

Scott Trotter is nothing, if not persistent.

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