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BRENDA BLAGG: Lacking competence?

State’s fight to kill inmate tied up in court rulings

Arkansas' latest effort to execute an inmate got stymied last week.

BRENDA BLAGG: Poll reflects state's conservatism

Answers on death penalty, marriage reveal strong lean

The latest Arkansas Poll reaffirmed how conservative the state's electorate is.

Brenda Blagg: From Russia, with no love

More details reflect serious threat of interference

Breaking national news has certainly refocused attention on just how much influence Russia had on the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Brenda Blagg: Getting detoured

No-tax-increase philosophy may hamper highway efforts

There is a reason Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said "no" to a raid on the state's general revenue to fix state highways.

Brenda Blagg: Finding solace

Unnerving gun legislation awaits final set of training rules

Concealed carry of weapons on public college campuses moved a shade closer to legality in Arkansas this week.

Brenda Blagg: Shutting off the tap

Lawsuit, changing attitudes signal end of cash handouts

Once again, the Arkansas Supreme Court has necessarily corrected the state's Legislature.

Brenda Blagg: Is the time right now?

Nation’s sorrow should lead to gun law changes

It is impossible to understand what happened in Las Vegas.

Brenda Blagg: Six decades of ... progress?

Remembering Central High crisis not just memories

Sixty years have passed since nine black Arkansas teenagers braved the taunts of a racist mob just to go to school.

Brenda Blagg: Growing interest

A final rush to become Arkansas’ peddlars of marijuana

Applicants have shown up by the hundreds to get in on Arkansas' newest business opportunity.

Brenda Blagg: All in with CHIPS

Program’s funding could get lost among Congress’ debates

Time is running out for a critical federal program that serves 120,000 Arkansas kids.

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