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BRENDA BLAGG: Rolling the dice

Casino backers use highways, roads as enticement

Give backers of a proposed new constitutional amendment credit.

Election hinges on Cotton’s future

What might 2018’s midterm elections hold for Arkansas?

BRENDA BLAGG: Did the tide turn?

Jones victory offers little certainty for Democrats

The election last week of a Democrat in ruby-red Alabama to the U.S. Senate suggests to some that political upheaval is coming in 2018.

BRENDA BLAGG: Trying a different route

Highway leaders toss out possible funding approach

State highway officials have come up with an alternative plan to fund needed projects.


Federal funding for insurance program still at risk

The clock continues to tick toward demise of a critical federal program that helps insure children and pregnant women in Arkansas and all over the country.

BRENDA BLAGG: Bielema, Long winners

Off-field student achievements deserve commendation

The conversation has already changed. The focus now is on who the next head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks might be.

BRENDA BLAGG: The Clinton years

Supporters mark Arkansan’s election to presidency

In every sense of the word, there was a reunion in Little Rock last weekend as people from Arkansas and elsewhere gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Clinton presidency.

BRENDA BLAGG: Lacking competence?

State’s fight to kill inmate tied up in court rulings

Arkansas' latest effort to execute an inmate got stymied last week.

BRENDA BLAGG: Poll reflects state's conservatism

Answers on death penalty, marriage reveal strong lean

The latest Arkansas Poll reaffirmed how conservative the state's electorate is.

Brenda Blagg: From Russia, with no love

More details reflect serious threat of interference

Breaking national news has certainly refocused attention on just how much influence Russia had on the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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