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Galloping Galyean

Rogers cadet leads Army to sprint football league title

Ty Galyean’s story was pitched by a Rogers school teacher in the middle of football season. Simply put, there is a winner with Razorback pride operating at a high level in college football.

Morris hits all the right notes

Chad Morris looked straight into the bank of TV cameras at his introductory media session after being introduced as Arkansas football coach. The Thursday messages were directed straight to critical audiences.

Hope not lost as UA searches for coach

There is good news for the next Arkansas football coach. Things are a little cloudy in the SEC West. The next cycle of coaches in the SEC might be easier than the last.

Finale starts with a ‘Yes,’ ends with a no

The day started with a proposal. It ended with a divorce.

Keys To Victory


Missouri features one of the great journalism schools in the world. It should be credited (or blamed) for bringing us Nate Allen and Bob Holt to the media coverage team of Arkansas athletics.

Hogs find way to lose despite gifts from Bulldogs

Football games are mostly lost. Every now and then, one team is so much better than its opponent that it doesn’t matter. It’s easy.

Second-half woes continue to haunt Hogs

Ken Hamlin asked for more passion from the Arkansas defense during a midweek speech at the Northwest Arkansas Touchdown Club.

Keys To Victory


Sometimes things we think we know, we don’t know. It makes you rethink everything.

Hammonds emerges as game-changer for Hogs

Folks in the Palmetto State probably know this, but I needed a Google search around 6 p.m. Saturday to get my bearings.

Keys To Victory

Don’t call timeout to ice a kicker. For sure, don’t call three in a row.

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