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Little Rock notebook

Water-bill survey praises LR's value

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Siloam Springs, Hot Springs order medical-marijuana moratoriums; temporary bans raise legal questions

Two Arkansas cities have imposed months-long bans on medical-marijuana facilities, a test of local control as prospective growers and sellers prepare to vie for state licenses beginning June 30.

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Zoning shift advances plan for charter school

Conversion of old site splits LR board

Plans to convert the long-vacant Mitchell Elementary into a Walton Family Foundation-backed charter school moved forward after Little Rock’s Board of Directors approved a zoning change Tuesday.

LR directors OK $5.25M loan

Money will fund police cars, emergency dispatch software

Little Rock will take a short-term loan to buy 60 new police vehicles and a new computer-aided emergency dispatch program after the Board of Directors gave unanimous approval Tuesday night.

Realtors' worries put off Little Rock vote

Energy-efficiency standards at issue

A Little Rock proposal to seal a gap in the state's building rules for energy efficiency has been delayed -- for the third time -- over Realtors' concerns.

Little Rock notebook

Free access open to online classes

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Little Rock gets grant to help build ramp to bridge, close River Trail gap

Little Rock has secured federal money to build a roughly $2 million ramp to a bicycle and pedestrian bridge near La Harpe Boulevard, putting the city on track to close another Arkansas River Trail gap, officials said Friday.

Homeless discussion progresses

Feeding-site shift meets resistance

Talks on moving some suppers for the homeless from downtown Little Rock to a resource center nearly 4 miles away gained traction Wednesday, but the path to such a deal holds several obstacles, including money, space and willingness.

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Brewery, beer garden in Little Rock warehouse space gets unanimous OK from panel

A brewery and beer garden planned for east Little Rock received unanimous approval from the Little Rock Planning Commission on Thursday.

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Arkansas Arts Center firm details flaws

Better lighting, gallery flow, use of park on drawing board

The coming Arkansas Arts Center overhaul must address several existing issues that complicate visits -- including "mystery doors" and "buried knowledge" -- as it adds new features, the project's design team said Monday.

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