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Fran Alexander: National treasures in peril

Americans cannot afford erosion of park lands

With our country up to its nose holes in water in the east and fires burning everything in their paths in the west, to say we are distracted right now is putting it mildly. Quietly, however, disorienting political maneuvers, many in the form of executive orders, have also been barreling down on everything environmental. From shrinking or dismantling the EPA's work force to the elimination of projects, reports, and especially regulations created for environmental protections, the ruling party in Congress is eviscerating decades of science and policy work.

Fran Alexander: Art of a different deal

Exhibit at Walton Arts Center digs into climate change impacts

"Artists, in a sense, are the antibodies of the cultural bloodstream. They sense trouble early, and rally to isolate and expose and defeat it, to bring to bear the human power for love and beauty and meaning against the worst results of carelessness and greed and stupidity. "

Fran Alexander: Influence in the shadows

Book on “Dark Money” explores Koch brothers strategies

In case you, whether Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian or whatever, are curious how the politics in our country reached its current condition, examining a couple of drawings can explain a lot of the mystery.

Fran Alexander: Try, try again

A thriving third party isn’t an impossibility

The main thing that can go terribly wrong with realism is that it can quash idealism. Yet, all real change, hope and getting off one's hindquarters requires some idealism, the kind that doesn't go off the rails into fantasy. So when you hear "Draft Bernie," don't just dismiss the words out of hand before finding out what "draft" means in this context.

Fran Alexander: This land is whose land?

Congress, White House look to shed federal protections

"National parks are the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst."

Fran Alexander: Bully Pulpits

Trump should be careful what he wishes for

"When thy cup runneth over, looketh out!"

Fran Alexander: Depths of denial

Columnist Williams right: Examine people’s agendas

Walter Williams, a professor of economics at George Mason University, in his article "Dead Wrong," rubbed the noses of several prognosticators of environmental catastrophes in their own words. A favorite whipping boy of environmental critics is Paul Ehrlich, author of "The Population Bomb," published in 1968, for daring to make forecasts that did not all come true.

Fran Alexander: Defy, deny, delay

Is this the Department of Environmental Quality’s motto?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and no volunteer band of citizens fighting for a clean environment has worked harder, longer or more incisively than those trying to save the country's first national river, the Buffalo River of Arkansas. Certainly few activists have had a tougher battle on their hands. However, it's not been Mother Nature's whims and winds that continue to consume thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars, but a clash between fellow humans with different values and priorities.

Fran Alexander: Wasting away

Fayetteville plan shouldn’t ignore ills of consumption habits

"If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging"

Fran Alexander: Rockin' for a river

Musicians set to raise money for river movement

One of the more innocent notions we humans want to believe is that there is fairness within our government's policies. People usually don't find out otherwise until they are personally affected or until there is a threat to something very important and much bigger than themselves. At this awakening, folks choose to be either passive or active in their reactions to forces that are changing, and sometimes destroying, that which they cherish.

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