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GARY SMITH: Feeling over-stuffed

Home is where the junk lands

A comedian once said the bravest person in history was the first person ever to drink cow's milk. I'm not sure if that's bravery or something like some kind of an odd affliction, but I can say in my household, we have a different measure of bravery.

GARY SMITH: Food for thought

Teen’s appetite revives memories, at least ones not eaten

Most of the time, I just nod and smile.

GARY SMITH: Doggone issues

Are they real, or just a human invention?

Perhaps it's a case of over-thinking, but I've noticed a certain quirk exhibited by us residents of the top rung in the food chain.

GARY SMITH: Grannie's last batch

As time goes by, every first leads to a last

At this point in my life, comfortably settled in to middle age, I'm beginning to develop a somewhat lengthy list of "lasts," things I know I won't be doing again.

GARY SMITH: Ruffled feathers

Birds, ants offer unwanted taste of nature

I'm not gonna lie here. Over the years I've watched a fair share of those "Man Vs. Wild" videos, and I felt like I was pretty checked out on the potential worst-case scenarios if all that stuff "out there" turned on me. So when Nature attacked, well, I was expecting a little bit more.

GARY SMITH: Take it on the run, baby

Evasive tactics serve as defense mechanism

It's amazing the things you learn about yourself as you age. Or maybe it's just the sort of things you come to accept.

GARY SMITH: Those unfamiliar ways

Millennials do things a little differently

This has been both a long time coming and, given my age, inevitable, but after much thought, I've concluded I don't understand millennials.

GARY SMITH: Reap what we sow

Rooting out the reasons we garden

At the heart of it, most of us here in the South are people of the land. We left the familiar confines of the Old Country with the single goal of claiming our pieces of the Earth and, thanks to the sweat of our brows, pulling from that ground our fair share of nature's bounty.

GARY SMITH: Not so bullish on brackets

“March Madness” doesn’t make completed list of priorities

I have a confession to make.

GARY SMITH: Life, in chapters

“Now” isn’t all that’s ever been

I almost don't recognize the girl in the sepia-tinted photograph.

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