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GARY SMITH: Feeling the heat

Temperatures suggest we may be skipping fall

It's not quite verifiable, but it's believed Mark Twain once said "the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

GARY SMITH: This kitchen isn't big enough ...

Cooking with the spouse can be a half-baked idea

I'm going to throw out there that a lot of things in life are a lot better in the abstract than they are in real life.

GARY SMITH: Missing the pitch

Busy life sometimes gets in way of what counts

Greg Ballard may have been the nicest person I've ever met. At least the nicest I'm not directly related to by blood or marriage.


Morning ‘cup of joe’ a taste acquired over time

Some people liken the passage of time to sands through an hourglass. I liken it to coffee through a drip filter.

GARY SMITH: Salt gun a "fly" gadget

Insect assassin among spousal-assigned duties

I think anyone who knows me knows if there is one thing definitely true, it's that when it comes to my marriage, I have very much outkicked my coverage.

GARY SMITH: Up-and-down living

Traveling frustrated? That rings a bell

If there's a general theme to this year for me, it's my increasing understanding of the Inverted Bell Curve of Life.

GARY SMITH: A traffic-calming invasion

Little green men convert street into driving odyssey

I see little green men. Well, frequently they're green. They have been orange, and one was white in a way that makes you think he glows in the dark or reflects back strangely after the sun goes down.

GARY SMITH: Picking up new skills

Just don’t expect it to happen with chopsticks

Thanks to a somewhat curious nature and an upbringing that featured daily interactions with people from all over the globe, I've gone through life with a certain willingness to appreciate other cultures. I readily admit all that I know isn't all that there is, and there are things beyond our shores worth understanding and potentially even embracing.

GARY SMITH: Bouncing back

With age, the doing weighed against the hurting

I hurt my back the other day.

GARY SMITH: Not superstitious

But if my team scored while you’re in the kitchen, stay there

First off, I need to establish the fact that I'm not superstitious.

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