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GARY SMITH: It's the thought ...

Pitfalls of gift giving just part of the holiday

I'm trying to pin this down. Christmas is, far and away, most people's favorite holiday. In fact, in the pantheon of holidays, it laps the field. It's the reigning champ, celebrated by malls, schools, governments, the odd tow truck company (at least when I was attending the Rogers Christmas Parade on a regular basis) and, OK, a lot of places of worship worldwide.

GARY SMITH: Search for tomorrow

Coach-hiring process can be torture to cover

I need to dispel a misconception for you. At the conclusion of this and all my offerings is a line that indicates that I am a recovering journalist. Well, that's not exactly true.

GARY SMITH: Not just no, but ...

How Southerns might respond to certain situations

As an observer of human nature and foibles, I try not to get too political with these columns, except at that point at which human nature, politics and foibling intersect.

GARY SMITH: Technology pushes buttons

At ‘certain’ age, people just want things that work

There is a belief commonly held by marketers and pollsters and people who study such things that those of us who are "of a certain age" are technology-averse.

GARY SMITH: Resisting the dark side

Lost power scares up tension at home

One of the clichés that always gets tossed around in moments of stress is that there are no atheists in foxholes.

Gary Smith: Tricks, treats and tactics

Getting the hang of Halloween takes time

One of the beauties of Northwest Arkansas is that our diverse employment and education environment has generated an exceptionally diverse, well, Northwest Arkansas.

Gary Smith: The wait is long

This lobby leaves no room to relax

As lobbies go, those of us left behind had few complaints.

Gary Smith: Spicing things up

Spoiler alert: Flavored fall coffee not everyone’s cup of tea

In the great Pumpkin Spice War currently being waged, I've decided to stay neutral.

Gary Smith: Bugged by technology?

Fears over advances may not be necessary

Here are at least some of the things I'm not supposed to be worried about:

Gary Smith: In the know

Las Vegas shooting opens eyes to horrors, wonders

I don't want to know.

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