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GARY SMITH: Bouncing back

With age, the doing weighed against the hurting

I hurt my back the other day.

GARY SMITH: Not superstitious

But if my team scored while you’re in the kitchen, stay there

First off, I need to establish the fact that I'm not superstitious.

GARY SMITH: Three stages of tech

Give old folks some credit for inventing this stuff

Here are a few fun facts I wanted to throw out before we get good and rolling here. If he hadn't departed way too early, Steve Jobs would be a still young-ish 62 right now. Bill Gates is an actual 62. Steve Wozniak, Jobs' partner in some of his greatest accomplishments, is 67.

Gary Smith: Cooler heads prevail

Weekend without air conditioning brings back memories

First off, I want to establish that I'm not soft.

GARY SMITH: Try zipping a lip

Every thought isn’t meant to be expressed

With age is supposed to come wisdom. Or at least that's what I've been told. The details of exactly how that progression takes place are generally not covered.

GARY SMITH: In the name of love

Dogged devotion to family nothing to poo-poo

There are just no limits to the sorts of things we'll do for the people we love. Mountains will be climbed. Rivers will be crossed. Valuable internal organs will gladly be donated without thought to the long-term consequences. Jars will be opened. Like I said, virtually anything.

GARY SMITH: Feeling over-stuffed

Home is where the junk lands

A comedian once said the bravest person in history was the first person ever to drink cow's milk. I'm not sure if that's bravery or something like some kind of an odd affliction, but I can say in my household, we have a different measure of bravery.

GARY SMITH: Food for thought

Teen’s appetite revives memories, at least ones not eaten

Most of the time, I just nod and smile.

GARY SMITH: Doggone issues

Are they real, or just a human invention?

Perhaps it's a case of over-thinking, but I've noticed a certain quirk exhibited by us residents of the top rung in the food chain.

GARY SMITH: Grannie's last batch

As time goes by, every first leads to a last

At this point in my life, comfortably settled in to middle age, I'm beginning to develop a somewhat lengthy list of "lasts," things I know I won't be doing again.

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