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GARY SMITH: Life, in chapters

“Now” isn’t all that’s ever been

I almost don't recognize the girl in the sepia-tinted photograph.

GARY SMITH: A column about ... what was it?

Read more, they say, but there’s so much to do

My New Year's Resolution is to read more.

GARY SMITH: The British have come

Traveling the world through TV mysteries

Do you ever get the feeling you've joined a cult?

GARY SMITH: Feeling the fever

Symptoms reveal it’s time for the Olympics

Apparently, some random, strange viral infection that looks like the flu but isn't the flu (a distinction without a difference) and strep throat aren't enough. There's another condition sweeping the country -- Olympic Fever.

GARY SMITH: Then and now

Cultural changes shift the parent-child conversations

So, the children and I have discussed it, and if they ever decide to write a book about the sorts of advice the Lovely Mrs. Smith gives them, it won't be at all "Mommy Dearest." It will, in fact, be titled "Worst-Case Scenario: Words of Pending Doom from My Mother."

GARY SMITH: Get milk?

In-store errand latest spouse-inspired adventure

This is a story of love, devotion and coconut milk. And yes, at least in this case, those three things do connect.

GARY SMITH: Temps get the cold shoulder

Frigid weather a reminder of North’s down side

In a previous life I had a couple of business acquaintances who were very good friends. One was an avid duck hunter of the "naming your kids Drake and Mallard" variety. The other was a firm believer that, since the Good Lord had given us central heat and air, it would be a borderline sin not to avail yourself of them at all times.

GARY SMITH: Staying calm, carrying on

Passion for sports tempered by maturity, or at least age

As has been previously established, I attended and even graduated from a university slightly to the south and west of our current location.

GARY SMITH: Happy holidays

A review of what 2018 observances have to offer

The holidays are (mercifully for some of us) finally over. Those of us who just didn't get enough of over-imbibing, wearing goofy hats and arguing with our relatives are now entering that bleakest time of the year when there is no officially recognized reason to make fools of ourselves.

GARY SMITH: Southern thangs

Compendium offers insights into colorful region

It's not exactly accurate to say that I, as a born-and-bred Southerner, have a love-hate relationship with Dixie. It's more like there are times I'm passionate about the South, and times I'd like to just be friends, maybe see other regions.

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