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Gary Smith: Does anybody really know ...?

Does Ben Franklin’s idea stand test of time?

It's spring, and while it's been so long I'm not quite sure what a young man's thoughts turn to, mine turn to my favorite bi-annual whipping boy: daylight saving time.

Deep-seated struggles

Of all the jobs I'm equal parts glad I don't have but someone else does, at or near the top of the list is food service industry worker.

Gary Smith: Step by step

Technology tries to make fitness add up

I've been walking for quite some time now. But up until recently, I didn't know it counted.

Gary Smith: Crisis of Faith (and Tim)

Visit to Nashville turns family into semi-stalkers

I spent the weekend stalking Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Gary Smith: Find a way to win

If nothing else works, just give 110 percent

After much thought and review of the general mood of the nation, nay, the world, I've made a careful decision about how I'm going to proceed. I'm going to turn it up to 11.

Gary Smith: Happily ever after

Why do kids want the same story over and over?

As I have said before, I'm not sure it's a talent that will get me anywhere (except, perhaps, a headline gig at the library story time), but I can still recite, by heart, "Where the Wild Things Are."

Gary Smith: Life is scary enough

Who needs movies to put them on the edge of their seats?

When it comes to movies, the Lovely Mrs. Smith and I are prone to confirmation-hearing-like debates that end in about the same way current confirmation hearings are going: namely, I can fuss and fume and filibuster all day, but she's still going to get what she wants.

Gary Smith: Lost and found

A shopping trip to pick up … wait, what?

I don't like to hunt for stuff.

Gary Smith: Football fan, limited edition

Rain? Cold? Let’s call the whole thing off

A friend of mine who is normally pretty sane and stable (which doesn't explain our friendship, except that I lean heavily on the phrase "normally") called me up with a plan last week.

Gary Smith: Life branches out

Change turns memories into cherished treasures

Periodically, on the way home from work, I'll drive by a place where a tree used to be.

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