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Agencies serving older Arkansans face budget debate

South Arkansas' declining population has meant a drop in funding for its senior citizens, and legislators last week engaged in heated debate over whether to revitalize the region's programs for the aged by pulling dollars from other parts of the state.

Suicides top 600 in state; group pushes for new laws

More than 600 Arkansans died by suicide last year, the highest number over the past decade, and one prevention group is working to get laws in place to help people in rural areas, college students and gay and transgender people, among other groups.

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Can't verify complaints that Little Rock officers mistreated Ebby Steppach's family, police say

Little Rock Police Department administrators say they found "insufficient evidence" that three officers mistreated the family of Ebby Steppach at the beginning of a 2015 investigation into the teenager's disappearance.

Well's long dry in state low-income housing trust fund

Despite waning interest from government officials, housing interest groups are pushing to revive a state fund that launched three projects geared toward helping the elderly and the homeless in 2013.

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Legal dispute delays Little Rock housing revamps

Renovations at Madison Heights public housing apartments off 12th Street in Little Rock have been delayed by at least a year over a disagreement about how to interpret a contract signed two decades ago.

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Violent Reality

Arkansas ranks 7th in gun deaths, but weapons restrictions not on table

Francisco Zamora looked like he was asleep, his arms folded under his stomach and head turned to the side.

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Firearms groups, shops join push to stop suicides

The gun safe keys were in the bottom of a bucket, which was filled with solid ice. The time it took to melt the ice, unlock the safe and load the gun gave the woman enough time to rethink suicide.

Medicaid rule frustrates advocates for homeless

Homelessness service providers said they are confused and frustrated when it comes to filing for exemptions and reporting hours worked to the state so their homeless clients can keep their health insurance.

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Arkansas group's study on education, health of black males finds systemic hurdles

An Arkansas advocacy group has set out to prove what group members and community leaders say they already know: that black men and boys face systemic barriers white males don't.

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Arkansas girl's mutation a rarity in world; new screening helps pinpoint diagnosis

Maebel Leonard raps her knuckles on the window, rattling the glass in its frame, grunts and points across the street -- her way of asking to go over to a friend's house to play.

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