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The great sort of 2018: Moving process leads to yard sale goggles

Since late March, we've been building a small guest home attached to the back of our house. After five months and a few frustration-fueled meltdowns, it's finally done. Over Labor Day weekend, we moved my parents into the space.

Humpty Dumpty house

Woman, kitchen finally reunited

It feels good to be home. Even though we've technically been home all along, it hasn't felt that way during the past few months of home renovation. It looked the same from the outside, but the interior of the first floor was an unrecognizable maze of boxes and bins, partitions from construction zones and walls torn down to the studs.

Meeting of minds

Married couple enjoys telepathic connection

When Tom and I were young and dating, we'd sometimes notice an older couple sitting in a restaurant in total silence. We wondered if perhaps they were mad at each other and using the silent treatment. But their facial expressions didn't hint at an argument.

Warren issues warning

Writer opens eyes to her new reality

Warren. That was his name. I didn't know who he was, but I knew he was a very, very bad kid. Sometimes I wondered what kinds of misdeeds Warren was guilty of because I saw his name on the chalkboard every time I went to music class at Julia Shannon Elementary School in 1983.

Charlie's all-nighter

It happened again. Charlie, the 6-year-old beagle whose mission in life is to make me a crazy person, escaped the fence at dusk yesterday.

Running with scissors — To cut or not to cut; that is the question

Women are known for our ability to form deep and meaningful relationships. And perhaps no relationship is as complex and multi-layered as the one we have with our hair.

Mom chauffer celebrates happy day

Saying goodbye to drop-off line

A long-awaited day has finally come. As a woman who has spent the past five years driving her offspring to two and then three different schools during rush-hour traffic, I'm thrilled to report that the kids -- all three of them -- are now at one school.

Hurricane makes landfall

Writer waits out storm of renovation project

I'm typing this week's column with my laptop perched precariously on an ironing board in my bedroom. My door is shut in a futile attempt to keep out the thunderous noises happening downstairs, which no longer seem to be bothering my two dogs who are snoring softly on the bed behind me. And I'm drinking soda from a plastic Solo cup, washing forks in the bathroom sink and wondering if life will ever get back to normal.

Phone's facial recognition too personal

Hello, technology, it’s me, Gwen

There are benefits to being an "early adopter" of new technologies. If you're a parent, the ability to navigate new technology makes it tougher for your teenagers to write you off as completely clueless.

Speed freak makes confessions

Dear Mom, I get it now … you were right

Dear Mom,

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