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There's no place like home

Confessions of a homebody

I have a confession that will make me look supremely uncool. I'm a homebody. It's not an easy thing to admit in a go-go society where "more is more" and social media favors movers and shakers.

A tale of two ski lessons

30 years make the slope look steeper

This is a story about two ski lessons -- one that took place nearly 30 years ago, and one that happened last week. Here's what happened.

The night we forgot our phones

Mom grateful for slow end to busy year

An amazing thing happened to us on Christmas Eve. We went to church that night at 6 p.m., and as the service was ending, Tom suggested we take a family picture in front of the big Christmas tree in the church lobby.

Celebrating with a merry birthday countdown

Here in the Rockwood house, we celebrate three birthdays during the month of December. We didn't plan it that way. It's just the way it turned out, which adds an additional layer of party and present planning on top of what is already a month crammed full of holiday hoopla.

Tales of a freelance flocker: 'Tis the season for a side hustle

One of the things my dad taught me about the working world is that it's always good to have "multiple revenue streams." That way, if one stream dries up or slows to a trickle, you'll have another one to keep you going.

Finding a good man

Creeps, criminals, you’re on notice

An open letter to good men:

Eight people you meet

Psychology behind booth business

I spent two days last week working a booth. It's something my business partner and I do a couple times each year to promote our company and meet readers in real life instead of just online. This was our ninth year of annual booth meet-and-greets.

Seeing what's right on Thanksgiving

When our middle kid, Jack, was in kindergarten, he and his dad had a Sunday morning tradition. They'd flip to the back page of the comics in the Sunday paper and try to find the six differences between two similar pictures in the "Slylock Fox" cartoon strip. It was a race to see who could find all six differences first.

Store swticheroo sends shopper into tailspin

I just got home from a trip to the Walmart Supercenter, where a kid had thrown up on the cereal aisle, and that's not the worst thing that happened.

I'll tumble for you: Hang it up, or else

I walked into the laundry room and stopped short -- as if someone had slapped my face upon entry.

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