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Caught on camera

The Cloud is watching

My friend Shannon and I recently went shopping for swimsuits at a clearance sale. Swimsuit shopping is a team sport in which you need a partner willing to grab a different size for you when you're in the dressing room, someone who will tell you the brutal truth when a swimsuit is not doing you any favors, and someone who will commiserate about the fact that trying on swimsuits is like the root canal of shopping.

Renovation project to be continued

Tom and I have a problem. Summer television is mostly reruns, so lately we've been binge-watching episodes of Fixer Upper, Property Brothers and Love It or List It on HGTV.

Knit 1, pearl 2, slow down

Search for stillness doesn’t mean new hobby

This will sound weird, but lately I find myself fantasizing about learning to knit. Even though I'm not a "crafty" person, I can't get this image out of my head -- me sitting serenely on the sofa, yarn in hand, needles at the ready, just knitting.

Indoorsy and proud of it; writer embraces great indoors

American culture likes people who are "outdoorsy." Society sees it as a healthy, wholesome way to live. Outdoorsy people are generally considered to be adventurous, energetic and down-to-Earth.

Things work out

Saving single socks for return of match

In our laundry room, we have a small bin for "lost socks." The irony here is that the socks in the bin aren't lost at all. We know exactly where they are. It's their twins that are missing, wandering around out there in the domestic black hole where I assume all lost things go, if for no other reason than to torture us.

Netflix zombie attack

Late-night watcher admits to problem

It's not culturally sophisticated to admit it, but I love TV -- always have. I loved it ever since I was a kid and Fred Flintstone heard the whistle blow at 5 o'clock and slid down the back of his dinosaur bulldozer.

Lights, camera, life -- Facebook fodder

Special moments now Facebook fodder

Remember that time you went to your high school prom and there were exotic birds, paid performers twirling fire torches and a caged live tiger at the center of the dance floor?

Ode to icemaker

Appliance kaput

Dear Ice Maker,

Rinse and repeat: Here comes the sun

Burnout. It's not just for middle-aged workaholics anymore. Sometimes even teenagers get it.

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