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Total recall another skill for LeBron

In Sunday's Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Celtics, LeBron James had an outing to forget.

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Cubs step up to the plate for Edwards

The good -- and sometimes bad -- thing about Twitter and social media is that it allows everyone to express themselves in a public forum. As an extension of that, the Twitterverse typically holds people accountable for tweets that are off base.

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Overtime goal shakes Washington's bugaboo

PITTSBURGH -- A cathartic celebration 20 years in the making began with a poke of Evgeny Kuznetsov's stick. It built as the puck that Kuznetsov tapped away from Sidney Crosby made its way to Washington Capitals teammate Alexander Ovechkin.

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D-Backs on streak unseen for 111 years

If you haven't paid attention to baseball, you might be surprised to learn the Arizona Diamondbacks have the best record in the National League.

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UFC fighter gives baseball brawlers tips

The fights seemed more at home inside an octagon than a diamond.

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Newspaper's section flubs a key detail

Working for a newspaper, this tale stings. Hopefully pointing it out will not swing bad karma the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's way.

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Hamilton's interview was only foul

The final 11 seconds of Florida State's Elite Eight loss to Michigan on Saturday and the immediate aftermath were not a good look for the Seminoles or Coach Leonard Hamilton.

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Popularity of curling not melting away

In a single-file line, the all-ages group of 40 shuffled gingerly onto the ice. Some wore jeans, some wore sweatpants and one was in gym shorts.

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The Oscar goes to ... Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is a winner in retirement, too.

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SECOND THOUGHTS: Mike Tyson's old mansion now a godly place

A garishly appointed Ohio mansion that heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson once called home and subsequently fell into disrepair is being converted into a house of worship.

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