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BRUMMETT ONLINE: The arrows land

Readers don’t clamor for the arrows quite as loudly and insistently as they demand the rural wisdom of Bubba McCoy. But they clamor nonetheless.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Truth and the Clintons

In Little Rock on Saturday to celebrate the 25th reunion of the 1992 presidential campaign, the Clintons told a wealth of important truth, cheered by 3,000 in a state that now overwhelmingly rejects and widely detests them as tellers of non-truth.

What could happen

Allow me to lay out how it is that Republicans in the U.S. Senate want you to give up your health insurance so that they can give income-tax cuts inordinately to rich people.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Democratic rebirth

Editor's note: This is a revised and updated version of a column first published online-only on Wednesday.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Democratic rebirth

Jonathan Crossley is a happening thing in Little Rock education. And now he conceivably represents a happening thing in Arkansas Democratic politics.

JOHN BRUMMETT: A staunch society

They could be lies, his defenders among Alabama evangelical Christian conservatives say.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Belay that excitement

Democrats are ecstatic because they won state and local races Tuesday in a few blue places they were supposed to win, but did so by margins larger than expected.

JOHN BRUMMETT: It's circumstantial

The problem with pointing out the circumstantial evidence that racism is a factor in the post-Obama reddening of Arkansas is that every person in the state who voted Republican for president from 2008 onward will think you just called him or her a racist.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Trump, but not …

When the venerable New Yorker publishes a left-leaner’s profile of Tom Cotton that nominates the state’s junior senator as heir to Donald Trump, it qualifies as a thing.

JOHN BRUMMETT: With scars as trophies

It's a little church nestled among fallen leaves and fine older homes on a quiet street corner in the Hillcrest neighborhood of Little Rock.

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