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JOHN BRUMMETT: Our meaner nannies

The Legislature may be in the process of referring to you at the general election ballot of 2018 a proposed constitutional amendment to make it harder thereafter to amend the state Constitution.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Playground antics

There was a time unlike now — 1987-88, for example — when a political fight in the U.S. Senate over a U.S. Supreme Court nomination could produce seismic results and matter for a generation.

JOHN BRUMMETT: What matters: Headlines

We are burdened with a preposterously egoman-iacal second-place president who is concerned mostly about the superficial appearances of his self-imagined grandiosity.

JOHN BRUMMETT: A splash, but not much

I'd relay to you everything U.S. Sen. John Boozman told me about the health-care issue Wednesday, except that the publisher and I would be left with about 20 inches of white space.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Odd way to make law

Gov. Asa Hutchinson came out to his conference room Wednesday morning and said he had just signed the bill for guns on college campuses and Lord knows where all.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Up on the high wire

Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s position on the U.S. House Republican health-care bill is that it is terrible and that it is fine.

JOHN BRUMMETT: A genius gone

"It's like 30 people left the room."--Writer Pete Hamill, on learning Sunday that Jimmy Breslin had died.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Legislative meddlers

This legislative assembly has meddled a bit with colleges and universities.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Legislative fear

The gun orgy at the state Capitol is based on an overwhelmingly dominant belief that persons who bother to get licenses for guns they carry are not the ones we need to worry about.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Call for you, governor

Ohio Gov. John Kasich should have been elected president. Voters didn’t really want either of their general election choices. Kasich was light years better than any other option.

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