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JOHN BRUMMETT: The case for Asa 2.0

Gov. Asa Hutchinson put out a statement the other day that he will seek re-election in 2018.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: How the news works

Donald Trump defenders gleefully cite a study from Harvard — Harvard, the supposed liberal bastion that infested us with such brainwashed liberals as Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Obstruction deconstructed

When the time comes, special counsel Robert Mueller might not put it quite the way I am about to put it.

Prepare for a slap fight

You might think that the Justice Building west of the Capitol housing the offices of state Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges would be a no-drama workplace.

JOHN BRUMMETT: The rush to outrage

Donald Trump is surely the right president for the digital era.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Aged like fine whine

The New York Times described on Sunday a whining Donald Trump who reminded me of a whining Bill Clinton and suggested common symptoms over a quarter-century of our national political illness.

JOHN BRUMMETT: The Bar stepping up

The Arkansas Bar Association's current leadership is bouncing around an idea to get behind an uncommonly far-reaching constitutional reform proposal for the general election ballot in November 2018.

JOHN BRUMMETT: All partisan distrust

Nearly everything from the school millage issue in Little Rock to the Trump-Russia madness in Washington comes down either to ego and turf or partisan distrust.

JOHN BRUMMETT: The space in the center

Editor's note: This column was first published online-only Wednesday.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: The space in the center

The email arrived early Monday from something calling itself the Centrist Project.

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