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JOHN BRUMMETT: A cancer on the court

In a few weeks, possibly, many Americans and especially females will look upon the nine robed justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and see two sex offenders.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Questioning candidates

They had another forum for the mayoral candidates Monday night, this one standing-room-only on Little Rock's paramount issue--crime--at the Fletcher Library in midtown.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Polarizing politics

At the senior expo last weekend, put on again this year by this newspaper and UAMS, a man in the audience of a few dozen asked the political panel what I feared would be an enraging and polarizing question.


The texting thread of old tennis pals flashed up lamentations for Razorback football late Saturday afternoon.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Why you gotta be so mean?

Three news conferences on health care, one after the other Wednesday, revealed Republican policies that are simply mean.

JOHN BRUMMETT: The road to a decision

Local organizations led by the League of Women Voters staged the first of five mayor-candidate forums Monday night. Dozens of people filled the meeting room at the Dee Brown Public Library in southwest Little Rock for an hour's discussion on economic opportunity.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Not insurmountable

The polling partners of Talk Business and Politics and Hendrix College unveiled this week a notable and perhaps influential poll of the 2nd District congressional race.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Feeding the narrative

The leaders of national mainstream media have gone off their rockers almost to the extent that Donald Trump exists permanently apart from his.

JOHN BRUMMETT: On honest introspection

A dapper fellow with a baritone ambled to a hotel bar in Fayetteville and chose a stool three or four removed from mine. I nursed a red wine and reviewed notes for a presentation I would make in a few minutes next door.

JOHN BRUMMETT: A wide-open race ... now

Our dreary state of politics cried out for something new. It was Warwick Sabin who tipped me a couple of years ago to freshness on the local political horizon.

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