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BRUMMETT ONLINE: To be red in Arkansas

Let us now introduce the typical Arkansas Republican voter.

JOHN BRUMMETT: With passion and purpose

Maya Porter of Fayetteville writes to alert me to her recent letter-to-the-editor informing anyone who might be interested that Arkansas allows crossover voting in primaries.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Griffen tests limits again

There lay Wendell Griffen where he famously had lain the year before, a gloriously free man in a surely pointless spectacle.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Wading in the pool

The trial was scheduled for five days. Columns written in the evenings after a day absorbed in court and without benefit of real-time experience in the minute-by-minute news cycle of the Trump age ... they wouldn't feel the same.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Good intentions, bad results

James Comey, through it all, was a consistent and presumptuous man, leaving havoc and irony in the wake of his noble intentions.

JOHN BRUMMETT: To be admired and feared

We lack a good indication of what the voters of the 2nd Congressional District in Central Arkansas think of their four Democratic candidates and one incumbent Republican.

JOHN BRUMMETT: The story so far

Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general at this writing but maybe not by your reading, is the man whom the preposterous Russian-endorsed second-place president calls a central villain in a conspiracy by "Democrat loyalists" to engage in a witch-hunt against him.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Talk on taxes, minus spin

In early 2007 the then-speaker of the state House of Representatives, rural Democrat Benny Petrus, was pitching his better idea to help poor people.

BRUMMETT ONLINE: Jumpy, but for a reason

Immediately it got compared to abuses by authoritarians in Germany and the Soviet Union as well as to American McCarthyism and Nixon’s enemies list.

JOHN BRUMMETT: Betrayal of the base?

How is it--someone asked me--that Donald Trump betrays his base on both tariffs and Scott Pruitt while that base gives him a pass?

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