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Commentary: U.S., others must attack terrorist enemies

Evil known by many names needs to be defeated

I've never seen a poll that asked if war is a good thing. I would guess 99 percent of people would agree war is deplorable. And I would be in that group. War causes tremendous pain, especially to the millions of young men and women who do the fighting, and scars the warrior in more ways than one.

Commentary: President needs to listen to other ideas about the 'how'

President needs to listen to other ideas about the ‘how’

If it were just about the words and the delivery, I would concede that the president's State of the Union speech last month was a successful, unifying message for the country. He talked about the importance of working hard and its connection to success. He suggested to CEOs that it would be a good idea to hire veterans and that we need more manufacturing jobs here in the United States. Who could be against that?

The View From The Middle: Cuba Normalization -- Good Deal or Bad?

I often criticize President Obama, not because of his party affiliation, but because he is often extreme. His views on abortion, deficit spending and the size and purpose of government are inconsistent with the thinking of average Americans. However, if and when he does something that hits the sweet spot between the right and left, I will gladly support it.

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The U.S. Needs Informed Minority Voters

There are two groups in this country that account for about 25 percent of the populace caught between the arrogance of the Democrat party and the ignorance of Republicans. They will, however, for the foreseeable future be the battleground over which our two political parties will fight.

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The View From The Middle: Lack Of Trust Core Issue In Ferguson, Washington

I hate to launch my column with an often-derided cliche, but some of my best friends are black and that has always been the case. It could be my upbringing or my lifelong love of sports, but I count this collegial cocktail as a real blessing in my life.

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The View From The Middle: Dead Men Tell No Tales, But Often Vote

Your vote, is it a right, a privilege or a responsibility? The short answer is "yes," it is all three. It is a right guaranteed to all citizens by the 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th amendments to the Constitution. It is a privilege we are all blessed with because we were born or became a citizen in a country that honors individual rights over the whims of the government (at least for now). And, it is a responsibility that our Founders expected us to exercise with thoughtful wisdom.

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The View From The Middle: Terrorism's Dirty Little Secret

Terrorists around the world have discovered a fundamental truth about life on this planet: It is easier to divide, destroy and kill than it is to unite, build and create.

The View From The Middle: Government Specializes In Spending Other People's Money

If there is one essential truth all Americans must recognize, it is that the government has no money. Every penny our government spends comes from you. When you combine that concept with the reality that our government is insatiable, inefficient and even corrupt, we should all question how much of our money it takes and how government spends it.

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The View From The Middle: Negativity In Politics Knows No Limits

Over the last few weeks, I have been reading a wonderful book called "The Boys in the Boat." It's the story of the eight-man U.S. rowing team in 1936. It is a marvelously inspiring story of a group of young men who overcame huge obstacles to win the gold medal in the Berlin Olympics.

The View From The Middle: Ayers' Ideas Ring Hollow On Independence Day Weekend

I spent the weekend following Independence Day surrounded by my family and thinking about how blessed I've been in so many ways. All the holiday activities, historical snapshots on TV and the patriotic "man on the street" interviews reminded me how my blessings began when I had the good fortune to be born in this great country.

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