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VIDEO: Just float

Snorkeling reveals underwater world of Beaver Lake

"There's no swimming required. You can just float."

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Remember the removal

VIDEO: Cherokee bike riders stop locally, following footsteps of ancestors

On Dec. 23, 1837, a group of 356 Cherokee Indians stopped in a field that now is part of Pea Ridge National Military Park. They had traveled the Trail of Tears from Georgia, headed for their new lands in Indian Territory.

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Checking out, checking up

Schools’ mobile libraries more than just books

Breetany Garcia came running out of her ground floor Springdale apartment, her black hair flowing behind her, her snaggle-tooth smile beaming from across a grassy lawn.

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Fayetteville resident records town's history

On a late afternoon in 1819, a herd of buffalo grazed on thickets of grass sweeping across a broad, open expanse of prairie, hemmed in by mountains on the south side of what is now Fayetteville," writes Charles Y. Alison in this year's A Brief History of Fayetteville, Arkansas (The History Press).

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Madison County man marks 73 years of rodeo in Springdale

SPRINGDALE -- Frank Fitch has seen a lot of rodeos -- most of them from the same seat.

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Baptist church celebrates 160 years on Spring Creek

"I tell them every Sunday, 'God is great, and we still need him as much as we ever did,'" said Jimmy Tollison, pastor of Spring Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Springdale.

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Springdale rodeo seeks best stock for cowboys

Rodeo cowboys say Scott Burruss supplies some of the best bulls in rodeo. Burruss credits God with providing them to him.

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Harrison to Springdale

Wagon train makes 40th trip to Rodeo of the Ozarks

The members of the John Henry Shaddox Memorial Wagon Train -- nearly 100 people riding in eight wagons and on horseback -- made it across the Ozarks for the 40th time. The wagons and riders left Friday morning from Harrison and arrived Wednesday in Springdale, in time to join the 73rd annual Rodeo of the Ozarks Parade.

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Cue the chorus

FrogWatch members listen for frog calls

The frogs had been calling all evening, but at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday, about sundown, the chorus came on full throat.

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Go West!

Events planned to build western spirit for rodeo

My grand entry to the Rodeo of the Ozarks came exactly 30 years ago this summer. I was an intern reporter at what was then The Springdale News in the blue brick building on Emma Avenue -- which originally housed the Jones Truck Lines terminal and now holds office space for Tyson Foods.

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