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Suckers come to fight

Blood thicker than gene pool

My family tree has a lot of suckers. You know, those shoots that come up here and there from the roots and base. Given the fact that some of my mama's lineage married and remarried like it was a competitive sport, some of my closest "relations" aren't related at all. Take for instance, my Grammy.

Strangers go extra mile

Old, beloved truck stalls in right place

Folks said it was bound to happen, and one day, folks were right. Driving down five lanes in Bentonville, Blue Belle stopped in her tracks. I pumped the gas pedal and turned the key. She sputtered and tried to get up, then finally sighed and laid there like an old hunting dog after a day spent running squirrels.

Go with the flow

Cold-blooded float down Buffalo River

"That looks weird," I said, nodding upstream as my friends and I pulled our kayaks onto a gravel bar for a break in our half-day float down the Buffalo River.

Truly breath taking

Immersing senses in present moment

I write this column while seated on a rock at the edge of Horseshoe Bend outside of Page, Ariz. The sun is rising behind me -- which, not being a morning person, are words I don't typically string together. It takes my breath away, both the view and the 5 o'clock hour.

Tornados and baloney

Spring season for lawyer jokes

Talk is cheap.

Snowglobe of memories

Back home, farm sale not just buyin’, sellin’

I spent the better part of the morning Saturday before last brushing snow from my eyes at the 44th annual Piggott FFA Farm Sale. We couldn't recall a time prior when it had snowed.

Here's to gassy mornings

Enough reason to get out of bed

Do you ever have one of those days you just don't want to do? A day when there's nothing particularly wrong. No body part less functional than usual. No lack of sleep causing eye bags so large they exceed the size for carry-on luggage. No mental or physical malady to warrant a day under the covers. Just a day when you partially open one matted eyelid long enough to confirm the sun arose and you don't want to follow its lead.

Traveling outside the lines

‘Oooot-whooose’ means outhouse; pet, sitters don’t enjoy the trip

Going on international holiday. Traveling abroad. Coloring outside the U.S. lines. I'd never done it. My bare country feet had never stepped outside the border of these here continental United States. The closest I'd ever come to being in foreign country was a foray into New York City. Until last week ...

Mother offers no comfort

Call with phone company leaves customer clueless

I never feel more like committing a felony than when I have to deal with the telephone company. Each time Ma Bell and I have an encounter, I'm convinced our conversations can't get any crazier, and each time, I'm proven wrong.

Ozark Winter Olympics

Games more challenging if hosted in Arkansas

Now that I know "streaming" isn't a water sport, I rarely watch live television anymore. But there are occasions when I take a break from binging and put the trusty antenna to use.

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