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Commentary: Cold forecast for superintendent's program to fight hunger

We like to think hunger is not much of a problem in Northwest Arkansas. But it is.

Commentary: Excellence found in problem-solving

Approach creates opportunities for mentors to be involved

For me, the start of a new year means envisioning opportunities I see unfolding during the year to come. In 2016, I see a whole lot of opportunity for us all to support student learning.

Commentary: Giving thanks for excellent schools, students and staff

Thanksgiving. The word itself just makes you feel good. I doubt any other word has as many positive associations as Thanksgiving. As you're reading this, I hope the sweet smells of baked goods, the scent of a turkey roasting in the oven and the warmth of family are already part of your day -- or soon will be.

Commentary: Film Festival seeks involvement of youth

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce's Business Matters Breakfast, where the Bentonville Film Festival outlined plans for the 2016 Bentonville Film Festival. During the presentation, the excitement kept elevating as community members heard the plan to enhanced delivery for next year.

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Commentary: Chocolate cake defines leadership

Chocolate cake defines leadership

This month's column is inspired by a piece of art created for me as a "thank you" note for teaching a lesson on leadership last week to kindergartners at Sugar Creek Elementary. Like all great masterpieces, this piece has a much deeper meaning. Take a good look at the artwork -- really study it.

Igniting the future

New program links knowledge, career opportunity

Ignite! What a powerful verb. So many nouns used in education gain strength from the word ignite: learning, preparation, engagement, awareness, creativity, passion, innovation.

Commentary: Summers off? Not for educators

"Ah, to be an educator and to have the summers off!"

Commentary: Bored? Not in Bentonville

Students stay busy until school starts

It's official: Summer is here. The joyful songs that accompany the end of the school year will inevitably turn into a lamentable refrain that is far from music to a parent's ears.

The Poore Page: May brings shower of accomplishments

Spring brings shower of accomplishments

In many ways, May is a wonderful month. The additional daylight entices families outside to enjoy what is usually the best weather of the year. Neighbors and families reconnect and begin celebrating the transition from school year to summer vacation.

Commentary: What does preparedness look like?

Educators, community need conversations for future

Career ready, college ready, post-secondary prepared and future ready.

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