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MIKE MASTERSON: Ozarks adventure

Stingrays and Samson

Granddaughter Elizabeth and her dad Brandon were in town on daddy-daughter summer vacation anxious to experience Johnny Morris' Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium in nearby Springfield, Mo.

MIKE MASTERSON: Wicked ending

On Jeopardy

The crowd began filing in early at John Paul's Restaurant and gathering place in Harrison.

MASTERSON ONLINE: The beast abides

The hairy beast with pointed claws and sharp teeth invaded quietly.

MIKE MASTERSON: Down on a tee

Impeaching good will

I wouldn't want to be the Walmart executive who approved the third-party online sale of "Impeach 45" T-shirts--if anyone other than an electronic device even made that decision.

MIKE MASTERSON: Back to Buffalo

Regulatory rigmarole

Attorneys for C&H Hog Farms (badly misplaced in the Buffalo National River watershed) are herding every pig-in-a-poke possible toward the state's Pollution Control and Ecology Commission in hopes of overturning their client's Regulation 5 permit denial.

MASTERSON ONLINE: Too many words

One challenge to writing is avoiding pesky pleonasms. I can’t fault anyone for failing to recognize this odd term with Greek origins. But then who would use ever pleonasm in conversation anyway, right?

MIKE MASTERSON: Dying at desks

A costly amendment

Weighing heavily on my thoughts as we enter the July Fourth week are the five killed and two wounded in last week's shotgun assault on staffers of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md.


Diseases on rise

There's a tiny world constantly swarming around us, teeming with life forms that can have profound effects on our health and lives. I'm talking about microbes, bacteria and the infections they can cause when spread by ticks, mosquitoes and fleas.

MASTERSON ONLINE: Hen’s ‘hate plate’

How about that Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va., asking White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her dinner party to leave because she works for the current administration?

MIKE MASTERSON: Pathology errors

Costly consequences

An unnamed Veterans Health Care System pathologist in Fayetteville was dismissed in April after being found working while "impaired" as he diagnosed cases. It was the second time in two years the pathologist had been discovered in such condition (whatever impaired means). He had been monitored since completing a recovery program in 2016.

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