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Scant studies

There have been plenty of aftershocks triggered by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality's unexpected decision to deny C&H Hog Farms' application for a revised operating permit.

MIKE MASTERSON: Permit denied

Cynicism rises

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality's decision to reject a revised operating permit for C&H Hog Farms in the Buffalo National River watershed brought welcome surprise for many Arkansans.


Not long ago, I wrote about the resurgence of our government’s interest in unidentified flying objects and included an account by former Navy Commander David Fravor who in 2004 witnessed such a craft that fellow pilots photographed off the California coast during F-18 exercises.

MIKE MASTERSON: Third-grade politics

Resist at all cost

It seems long ago that Americans from both major political parties co-existed in relative accord.

Taking high road

Best way forward

I've written many stories over the decades about law enforcement, some positive, others not so much.

MASTERSON ONLINE: Advice over substance

I’ve found plenty of conflicts but never profound wisdom or a sense of efficient and effective coherence when it comes to government exercising either logic or common sense.

Tanner matter

Hitting a wall

Readers may recall my recent column headlined "Detaining Drew." It shared the saga of Drew Tanner of Searcy's encounters with State Police Trooper Kurt Ziegenhorn at a Wal-Mart in that community.

MASTERSON ONLINE: Waitin’ on da judge

Count me among Arkansans wondering when, after almost four months so far, Circuit Judge John Putman will issue his findings in a case involving the controversial C&H Hog Farms at Mount Judea.


Some major news organizations reported the other day that our government has been actively investigating UFOs in an effort known as the "Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program."

MIKE MASTERSON: City of Christ’s birth

Life in Bethlehem

Editor's note: The original version of this column ran Dec. 21, 2008.

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