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Masterson online: Where’s our SRT?

I’ve been waiting for a couple of years now for some enterprising Arkansas physician who believes in simple and painless technology over painful and often radical surgery to hear my plea on behalf of Arkansans beset by non-melanoma skin cancers.

MIKE MASTERSON: Our Razorbacks

Woe, pig sooie

The Bret Bielema record after almost five years and 61 games at Arkansas: 29 wins and 32 losses, last place SEC West. And now we learn a Razorback quarterback has been arrested on a DUI charge. Oy vey!


Whole lotta shakin'

To many at the Halloween party in Harrison, the tall, slender young man with dark hair, brown eyes and a wide, handsome face was another busy helper among others arranging decorations for maximum "boo effect."

MASTERSON ONLINE: Not hog-wild on the river

Owners of C&H Hog Farms with the Brazilian meat processor JBS are hoping our state’s Department of Environmental Quality (wheeze) will approve their request for yet another factory permit.

MIKE MASTERSON: Why we’re free

Between living in a household commanded by an World War II/Korea-hardened Army lieutenant colonel until I was 19 and my 1960s stint in the Coast Guard, the die for my lifelong respect for our military was cast early on.

Science and creation

Our universe

I've read that scientists supposedly are baffled over how our known universe can possibly exist. The deeper explanation of their confusion is a bit tedious. It boils down to the vastness of what we know of the expanding universe being filled with both matter and antimatter, which oppose and cancel out as they interact.

MASTERSON ONLINE: Where is truth?

This is quite an untenable predicament we’ve allowed ourselves to be steadily dragged into over the past three decades.

MIKE MASTERSON: Odds and ends

In right direction

Leave it to the Walton Foundation to step up with a contribution toward helping resolve the controversial plan for what to do with the failed Bella Vista Lake dam.

MIKE MASTERSON: Months of delay

Hog factory permit

Call me cynical, skeptical, realistic or an unapologetic voice for the welfare and preservation of the only Buffalo National River we have.

MASTERSON ONLINE: Audit reveals much

If the internal audit performed on the abandoned River Valley Sports Complex in Fort Smith helps provide direction for the ongoing federal investigation into questionable practices used to create this facility, there's clearly more fire than smoke in those empty fields.

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