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MIKE MASTERSON: Isolated incidents

Heckling halted

Readers may recall the headline-maker in Harrison a while back after fans of the North Arkansas Community College were accused of racially taunting basketball players with the competing Labette Community College.

MASTERSON ONLINE: Travelin’ through time

Hysterical screams and hollerings rang through the forested hollers of Silver Dollar City last week as many among the 300 attending media preview day braved inaugural rides on the highest, steepest and fastest spinning roller coaster on the planet.

MIKE MASTERSON: Legally allowed

Endless leakage

As C&H Hog Farms appeals the denial of a new, revised permit in the Buffalo National River watershed, the state approved that swine factory's two lagoons to continue leaking up to 5,000 gallons of untreated waste a day under terms of its expired general permit.

MIKE MASTERSON: Behind enemy lines

Saving O’Grady

It's the afternoon of June 2, 1995. Captain Scott O'Grady is piloting his F-16 jet fighter to enforce a NATO no-fly zone over Bosnia when kaboom! A fiery explosion rips through his airplane from 10 feet behind his seat.

MASTERSON ONLINE: Personalizing our laws

After reading that Farm Bureau-pushed draft bill in search of legislative supporters that would benefit C&H Hog Farms, I’ve been thinking. And yes, that is in fact responsible for the odor of burning rubber you’ve been smelling the last day or so.

MIKE MASTERSON: Thanks for your service

Godspeed, Major

Members of the Patriot Guard clad in leather adorned with evidence of patriotism, their motorcycles' American flags waiting outside, filed one by one past the cremated remains of Major Glen Fairchild. Each paused to face his flag-draped urn before offering a slow-motion solemn salute to honor the career the 74-year-old veteran had devoted to his country in Vietnam and beyond.

MIKE MASTERSON: Preserving the factory

A special bill

A draft bill likely to be filed as early as Monday and heard in special session, if two-thirds of our legislators support it, would in effect neuter the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and establish a law preserving C&H Hog Farms in the Buffalo National River watershed.

MASTERSON ONLINE: Missing fathers

Controversial author Suzanne Venker, a mother and former teacher of at-risk youth who frequently writes on family and culture, has a deadly serious message for America.

MIKE MASTERSON: Words on a maverick

Talking Trump

Most of us have strong views about our 45th president ranging from boorish and immoral to brilliant and fearless.

MIKE MASTERSON: Our complex dilemma

As killers thinketh

There should be no better protected sites in our free country than schools, churches and hospitals. They are places where expectations of safety and security are justified and deserved.

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