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Marriage eases Lewis' winless angst

Some will say that Stacy Lewis isn't what she used to be.

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Sometimes players grow up too fast

Years ago a pizza chain declared it was a place that "a kid could be a kid."

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SEC track performances show strong conference

Had it been football, the SEC's publicity machine might spout superlatives through December.

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Return of Bonfield, Shaddy plus for UA Arkansas

Arkansas baseball Coach Dave Van Horn didn't bother including 2017 juniors Luke Bonfield and Carson Shaddy into the equation two Fridays ago when he talked about coaching a more "athletic" Razorbacks team in 2018.

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High-flying Ducks are only human

At last month's NCAA Women's West Outdoor Preliminary Track and Field qualifying meet in Austin, Texas, Razorbacks Coach Lance Harter saw the out-of-this-world Oregon Ducks slipping back towards earth.

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Desire to finish strong shows in Hogs' performance

Amassing second helpings like gluttons at an all-you-can-eat buffet enabled Arkansas to finish fourth nationally.

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Hometown Hog proud of turnaround

Growing up in Fayetteville, Grant Koch watched Dave Van Horn's Razorbacks pile up winning season after winning season.

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Fans' enthusiasm a lasting memory

Though the Razorbacks didn't win the Fayetteville Regional at Baum Stadium, their fans are apt to remember it almost as fondly as the regionals and super regionals Arkansas won at Baum.

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Buy-in ensures track dominance continues

Salesmen alone aren’t dependent on clients buying what they sell.

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Hogs' lineup flows together nicely

Fourth-year junior second baseman Carson Shaddy calls his University of Arkansas, Fayetteville coach a "legend" and a "Hall of Famer."

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