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Farmers facing a perfect storm when it comes to trade war

Tariffs add new twist to troubles, Farm Bureau chief says

For most farmers, 2018 is looking a lot like the four previous years -- low prices for their crops, dairy and beef -- but with a twist: They got caught up this year in a trade war.

Arkansas soybean farmers shocked by fees for moisture damage

Many Arkansas soybean farmers this week are seeing another kind of sticker shock when they send their beans to grain elevators and other buyers -- stiff penalties for beans damaged by too much moisture.

Sale of health care provider's assets finalized

A nonprofit alcohol- and substance-abuse treatment company in Hot Springs said Thursday that it has completed its purchase of the Arkansas assets of another health care provider linked to a corruption scandal involving its own executives and several Arkansas legislators.

Arkansas public radio stations cut staff as grant runs out

A two-year grant that has helped fund Arkansas Public Media, a consortium of four public radio stations, expires Sunday, forcing the group to eliminate three positions and reduce one to part time, Nathan Vandiver, its interim general manager, said Friday.

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With U.S. nod, North Little Rock-based Cantrell Drug reopens

Cantrell Drug Co. has reopened for business, a few months after the company was all but shut down during a dispute with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Arkansas company at work on device to help deaf 'hear' without expensive surgery

RoboHear uses touch technology

A Magnolia company deep into its work on helping the blind "see" has now turned to helping the deaf "hear" without expensive surgery.

Questions tie up state hemp study

Many unanswered questions surround the state's research efforts involving industrial hemp well before a single seed can be sown, prospective growers and state regulators said Thursday.

GateHouse closing 3 more state newspapers

GateHouse Media, which last week closed two newspapers in central Arkansas, will follow that up with three more closings in Hope, Arkadelphia and Prescott.

Aid to soybean farmers for lost trade at $3.6B; 'necessary program,' Arkansas Farm Bureau leader says

Soybean farmers will receive $3.6 billion in direct payments to compensate them for losses incurred during ongoing trade disputes between the United States and China, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Monday.

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Channels for 4 central Arkansas stations to change

Nov. 30 switch-over won’t affect cable, satellite subscribers

Four television stations in central Arkansas will change their broadcast frequencies this fall.

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