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Benton County may see higher jail revenue

Benton County may be able to generate nearly $1 million if the Sheriff's Office and federal law enforcement agencies agree on housing federal prisoners in the county jail.

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Benton County justice of the peace resigns, cites conflict of interest law

BENTONVILLE -- Benton County will have a vacancy among the 15 justices of the peace on the Quorum Court for the fourth time this year.

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Storm tosses trees in Murphy Park in Springdale

Grand reopening postponed

SPRINGDALE -- Bill Mock stood on the perimeter of Murphy Park on Friday morning. He looked upon nearly a dozen toppled trees and instructed a work crew member to use as much caution tape as he could find.

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Rogers man named to Quorum Court

James "J.D." Hayes of Rogers has been appointed to the District 3 seat on the Benton County Quorum Court.

Benton County planners review tower proposal

County planners on Wednesday reviewed plans for an emergency communications tower on Whitney Mountain.

Benton County will seek funds for vote devices

State revenue shortfall makes aid unlikely, lawmaker warns

BENTONVILLE -- Benton County will try to obtain state assistance to buy new voting equipment, but officials say the county also needs to plan to pay the full cost alone if necessary.

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Benton County officials mull Rutherford honor

BENTONVILLE -- County officials are considering how they might recognize former county judge Bruce Rutherford for his many years of service.

Benton County officials support new voting machines

Benton County's justices of the peace voted unanimously Tuesday to pursue up to $1.1 million in state aid money to help the county update its electronic voting equipment.

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Arkansas county unsure if flood damage will change scheduled repair of roads

BENTONVILLE — Benton County officials say it’s too soon to gauge how last weekend’s flooding will affect the year’s road work plan.

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Benton County aims to keep to road plan

Benton County officials say it's too soon to gauge how last weekend's flooding will impact the year's road work plan.

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Donna Miles, from left, manager of the Bella Vista Animal Shelter, Matt Colston, assistant manager o...

Donna Miles, from left, manager of the Bella Vista Animal Shelter, Matt Colston, assistant manager of the Rogers Animal Shelter, a...

Published: August 18, 2012

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